Sunday, November 17, 2013

Two exciting Musical performances!

Once again, my poor blog has suffered while life has been very busy.

I'm trying to juggle things, and each day something does not get done: I am trying to alternate what gets passed over.
But life IS for living, as you all have pointed out to me here, so I know you won't judge me for being absent for so long.

The exciting things! Firstly, a friend who is a well known composer was commissioned to compose a piece of music to commemorate the 50th anniversary of JFK's untimely death. He invited me to play this piece, on 22nd November, at the quayside in New Ross, Wexford. It was from here that JFK's great, great grandfather left Ireland to find a new and better life in America. An eternal flame, lit from the one that burns in Arlington cemetery, burns on the quayside.

The music is really beautiful, and the rehearsals are going well. There will be about 50 musicians, and it is such an honour to play. Hope it won't rain! I will post photos!

No sooner had I recovered from the shock of that invitation, than another one landed in my inbox! Another friend, who is a professional musician and horn player, is organising a concert for charity on 1st December, and he has put together a "Mass Horn Ensemble" to play Bohemian Rhapsody and a Wagner piece. And I will be one of the 32 horns playing!!! I am very excited!

To keep my feet on the ground, I have been trying to walk daily, and on the weekends I  made it to the beach, which is so calming and good for the soul! These pictures are from those walks.

Tonight, I got started on making my Christmas Aromatherapy products. I had offered a local women's group to give them 25 creams; they will sell them at a Christmas Fair and put the proceeds to good use.
Got those finished tonight, here they are, packed and ready to go, with a tester jar

 Tomorrow I have to start making more creams for sale!


  1. Good to see you and read another post. Sounds as if some great things have been happening and it's great to be busy doing them. The JFK composition sounds amazing and I hope you will post a clip when it is finally performed. And yes a walk on the beach sounds just right to stop it all getting a bit much!

  2. Very exciting events coming up! I was just watching Sunday Morning on CBS and they are doing the whole program on JFK. I can't wait to see/hear the video of your performances!

  3. What wonderful musical honors! Getting those walks to the beach will keep you stress-free as you get closer to the performance dates. And, like Pam, I'd love to see and hear both. The creams almost glow in their festive packaging. I still have a tiny bit of mine.

  4. How wonderful for you to be in demand like that. You must be very good. I'm so pleased for you. I like the idea of aromatherapy creams for a fundraiser. Wishing you the very best on all your endeavors, Mimi.

  5. How exciting, Mimi, many congratulations. Can I have your autograph while I can afford it? ROFL. You may be famous one day and play in the Berlin Philharmonic. If James Galway can do it with his flute, you can do it with your horn. Makes you sound like a unicorn, sorry. Nice to pop over and seriously I am over the moon for you ~ hugs, Eddie

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