Friday, December 18, 2009

Not much, but more predicted!

Is this what they call a "light dusting of snow"?

It came this morning, and was gone again within about 10 minutes, but I was ready with the camera! I know it's not much to be excited about, but it may be all we get. The weather people have predicted more snow this weekend, but I've heard that before.

The last time I remember decent snow in this country was 1981, I think it was in January. We had blizzards overnight, and the country ground to a halt. People couldn't get to work, buses were off, food and fuel supplies ran out in some shops. Oh and, the schools had to close!
The night it started, my friend and myself were "gallivanting" and on our way home (c 3am) the snow began in earnest. We knew it was going to be a biggie, and could barely sleep with excitement!
The following morning, we walked to the local shops and bought in lots of food supplies. We made a huge pot of cauliflower soup, with lots of cream, lit the fire and hibernated for the week.
Every time I taste cauliflower soup, it reminds me of that fun, and those bonus days off! Some of us never grow up!


  1. Uh oh... prepare more cauliflower soup, then.

    Eleonora xx

  2. Nooooooo! We don't want it. Daughter is travelling from Essex this weekend & we don't want snow. Not good for early morning hospital visits either...... so please keep your snow confined to postcards.

    Nuts in May

  3. That is certainly a dusting... Some forecasters are predicting 10-12" for us this weekend, although I doubt it will manifest. Because of all the happiness that last blizzard caused, I do hope you get all of the snow you're thinking you may receive. There's nothing better than a white christmas. :)

  4. That light dusting is a preview of coming events here where we are. We are supposed to have 2 inches of that white powder by morning. . . . we'll see. . . . .

  5. A wonderful snow story Mimi! To bad you're not here in the States because we're expecting a blizzard this afternoon (New York City area)12-16 inches... Yikes! Happy Holidays! :)

  6. That's about all we've had here - I called it heavy frost. But, you know, that mighty oaks grow from little acorns so you could have a white Christmas after all. I think a white Christmas is lovely as long as it's only that day and every one is where they're supposed to be. Snow is not our best motor sport! We're happy to keep it on the ski hills.