Monday, March 15, 2010

WSE Update and Mellow Yellow Monday

Just a quick update on the WSE.

It went fine! Phew! The students were fabulous- really rose to the occasion and showed off their knowledge. I was so proud of them!

And here are some more good things that didn't happen:
I didn't fall over in my high shoes.

I didn't forget anyone's name.

I didn't forget to give them homework.

I didn't forget to put on my clothes that morning. (This one is funny, cos I had a dream that I was teaching away, inspector in situ, then I looked down and realised I'd no clothes on! Not funny. At all.)

So, as it's Mellow Yellow Monday here are some pictures of a very special Christmas present that my daughter made for me in school.
It's a chopping board, but it's way too beautiful to be used for that, so I put some rope on it and hung it on the wall. Isn't she just great?

Drowsey Monkey hosts the Mellow Yellow Monday meme, so go on over to her place for more MYM!


  1. Super awesome..fantastic!

  2. Oh dear about the dream :)!

    Love the board!

  3. Fully clothed AND you didn't fall down - that's a success in my book, all the rest is gravy ;).

    Love the cutting board, what a treasure.

  4. You didn't forget your clothes OR fall off your shoes... How disappointing ;0))

  5. That would have made a better story if you had fallen over your shoes naked.
    A very common dream, so I hear.
    great board.

    Nuts in May

  6. What an interesting cutting board. The knot looks like a big smile. How could you not be cheered up by seeing that on the wall? Glad it all went well for you.

  7. That present/chopping board is GORGEOUS! I wouldn't be able to use it either. :)

  8. I love the cutting board that your daughter made. Like you, I could not use it.....your idea to hang it was perfect!!

    I feel so bad, I have been meaning to pop over here to answer you question from last week. LOL...I so wish my full time job was photographer, but right now I am not sure I am good enough that it would pay the bills!! I am a Director of Sales and Marketing for privately held company.....that is why I am on the road constantly! It keeps me busy, but I have the ability to work out of a home office which is fantatic for me and keeping up with the little ones. My boss is definitely one in a million and just lets me do my thing as long as the work gets done! I hope that answers your question.......and no, you are not being nosey:)

    Hope you have a wonderful week!



  9. Indeed too beautiful to become a chopping board ... love them especially the first one....

  10. Lovely post! But with high heels, even if you wore some clothes, nothing could go wrong. You have a lovely daughter.

  11. Thanks for the limerick Mimi. I'll announce the winner tomorrow! :)