Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Giveaway Reminder

Just a little reminder that my GIVEAWAY closes at noon Irish time on Thursday.

I'm so looking forward to the two winners getting their books!

And to while away the time, may I introduce you to one of my favourite hobbies, when I have time on my hands, which isn't very often - cloudwatching

Christopher Reeve once commented on how you could find endless entertainment from clouds, and I too find endless entertainment just watching them float along, beautiful and fluffy and light, and not a care in the world, and when I watch them, some of that carefree feeling washes over me too.

I deliberately included the lamp posts in the corners, to kind of anchor the picture, not sure if it works or interferes.

"It's only life, and we'll never get out of it alive anyway"!


  1. Interesting idea...anchoring the clouds, I mean. It takes me drifting around the sky but perfectly safe to come back when I need to.

    So, your lamp posts work for me.

  2. My mom-in-law and kids love to look for things in the clouds. I looked out my window just now to see if I could 'see' something, but it's cloudless and a little cold right now. Have a great day!

  3. I still gaze at clouds with my kids. Nice idea to "anchor" the images, Mimi.

  4. Clouds are beautiful!! Thanks for the photos!

  5. I love to watch the clouds, too - and I like the little "intrusions" into your photos, it gives a great sense of scale :)