Thursday, December 9, 2010

Before the Thaw 1

So, about 12 days after this amazing snow spell, the likes of which we have not had in this country since (I'm told) 1947, the thaw looks to be setting in. I went out this morning to snap a few memories before they all melt away. First up, here's the view through one of my kitchen velux windows. I love the little bit of blue sky peeking in! The other window is almost blacked-out, I'll post it tomorrow.

Car still snowed in. School has been closed, as we are on quite a height, so access has been impossible. I hope they don't ask us to work up the days!!

Santa could just about penetrate that ice to dig his heels in.

Snow on the roof... covering those velux windows..

Footprints in the garden snow..

Buried flowerpot. And, in spite of all, the plant will probably flourish when spring arrives.

This is just outside our front door. It's hard to see in this photo, but there's a bit of a "hill" where the first lot of snow fell off the roof, then it snowed all over again! the green bits are from the Christmas tree, which we got last night. Those spindles are supposed to give extra grip - I probably didn't have enough of them.

More tomorrow...


  1. Oh, Mimi! I did not know that you got that much snow. I would have cabin fever so bad. I am glad that you got to take pictures of this momentous event.

  2. Great pictures.

    I've been meaning to tell you about that Thanksgiving idea. At the beginning of November, you get a small branch from outside. Then every evening, your children write one thing they are thankful for on a paper leaf, and hang it on the branch, which you've stuck in a pot. At Thanksgiving dinner, the "Thankful Tree" (or whatever you want to call it) can be the centrepiece. Best to pick a small branch - something between a small branch and a big twig - so that it looks like it's covered in leaves of thankfulness.

  3. Oh, are you still in love with the snow? I guess having school days off makes it happy.

    Thanks for the heads up on your niece coming to Vancouver. Give her my email address - just in case.

  4. My goodness, I'd heard you'd had snow but I had no idea you'd gotten so much. Yikes. I've been so stuck into a big work project (done mid-next week thank goodness) that I've barely lifted my head the past few weeks, let alone made the rounds of blogland.

    Hope all's well with you and you're enjoying being snowed in.

    My photography is available for purchase - visit Around the Island Photography and bring home something beautiful today!

  5. Gotta love that white stuff!

    We are supposed to get 10 inches.