Sunday, August 21, 2011

Summer Stock Sunday

Summer Sunday afternoons are a great time to go for a little drive and visit a nice house with a good garden.

We went on an outing to Kilruddery House and Garden at the start of summer, and it really is beautiful.

This tree reminds me of how a woman looks on the dance floor, skirts swirling around her!

I love photographing light shining through the trees.

These pictures are just snapped with my iPhone, because I forgot to bring my camera :(

There were so many lovely trees, and a good view of the Sugar Loaf (mountain). We just walked around for ages, didn't bother going into the house as the coffee shop was very full, but I'll definitely go back again sometime.


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  1. So beautiful! I like to take pictures of the sun shining through trees also- it reminds me of a painting that my grandmother had...I don't remember the name of it but I loved it!

  2. I love how you compare the tree to a dancing's a thought I've had myself more than once! The last photo with the glimpse of that lovely building and the mountain is wonderfully composed; I enjoy all the lines and balance of it all.

  3. Mimi - the pictures are lovely! Thank you for the nice comments you made on my blog. I have been back to your blog several times and have been reading a lot of your posts. I am so glad I found your blog! Thank you for all that you share with us.

  4. Oh that dancing tree with its swirling skirts is just perfect. You have such a creative eye. Thanks for sharing these.

  5. Loved the dancing tree with her skirts twirling with blossom!
    Great photos and a lovely day out.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  6. Beautiful capture! And iPhone did a great job, it only shows it is not always only the camera but the photographer that makes good pictures.;))
    Seems like a truly beautiful place and I agree with you on the tree/flowing skirt.;)

  7. Pretty good photos with that phone. Love the dancing woman're right. Trees are so very graceful.

  8. Good job you had your mobile with you ~ cheers ~ Eddie

  9. How beautiful. It looks so relaxing there, and that house peeking through the trees looks amazing! Your phone takes pretty darn good pictures. :)


  10. I really like the image of the 'twirling' tree.
    It looks so full and lush. Definitely looks like a great place to spread a blanket and have a picnic. :)

  11. I love the image of the tree as a dancing woman. Magical.

  12. Gosh, this reminds me very much of England!

    Thank you for the super sweet note Mimi!


  13. Hi Mimi - long time since I commented on your blog but I am trying to be good - loved your photos and glad to say you are using the iPhone camera - my last post is full of pix of iPhone photos I took on our staycation weekend in the west. I saw you commented on Stephanie V's socks blog and I am glad to see another Irish sock blogger - I so love socks but I have been busy with other projects in between. I am always wearing my knitted socks nowadays in our Irish summer :( but you asked Stephanie about sock weight wool - it's 4 ply to you and me. And the best I have is Lidl's sock kits - watch out for Lidl's wool when they have it - a few times a year. So It is pre-patterned and makes great socks - you can see them on my blog if you check the Lidl labels or socks in my sidebar. I don't know how to do Top Down or Short Row heels but I am willing to learn!
    We are in a knitting circle here in Lismore busy with the Age Action hats for Innocent smoothies - the Big Knit. Check out their FB page or their webpage!
    All the best, Catherine.

  14. A fantastic series of photos with beautiful colors and delicious approaches. wonderful.