Sunday, March 4, 2012

Busy Busy

Life has been very hectic these last few weeks. That's why I haven't had time to post.

I've been giving a course on "Aromatherapy for you and your Family"; this is my first time to teach a course, and I'm loving it! I also wrote the material, and even though it was hugely time-consuming, I learned lots and got a lot of satisfaction from doing it this way.

Each week, I incorporated an inspirational quote, and also a recipe that used essential oils. I made up the recipe and we ate it with a cuppa at the end of class.

I was blessed in that a friend, who wanted to do the course, offered her beautiful, cosy dining room. This meant that she didn't have to hire a babysitter, and I didn't have to prepare a room in my house!
Last week each person blended their own hand cream, using the knowledge they had gained in the previous 4 weeks. We had so much fun! The course should be finished now, but we were all enjoying ourselves so much that we decided to do one extra week, this Wednesday.

Musically, things are also hectic. In band, we are preparing for the National Band Championships. I had hoped to not participate, as I still feel very new and quite overwhelmed in the band, but they kindly wanted me to be part of it, so that means a lot of practice for me, as I'm really challenged with the pieces. I think they'd do much better in the competition without me, but they're including me, which is really nice! It's in Cork, so it will also involve a night away;that should be fun, getting to know everyone a bit better.
On the plus side, it makes for good progress.
The music doesn't look too bad, till you read the fine print! The fine differences in articulation, the fact that some of it is played as a speed of 176, yikes, I find it hard to keep up, my lips and fingers are nearly on fire! The end of the piece below is a Gallop, and it's literally like horses in a steeplechase! Dih,dididih,dididih and so on!Finally, we had an orchestra rehearsal this afternoon, as we have a big concert coming up in April. We were divided into sections, and it was brilliant! More on that later..


  1. You have been busy! Your class sounds marvelous. I would love to make my own lotion sometime. My hands are so dry, but they're so sensitive, I break out in rashes when I use most of the heavy-duty creams for sale around here. I'm so glad you had a fun time doing this class. I don't blame the participants for wanting an extra week!!

  2. Certainly busy! Sounds great though. Would love to know more about your class.

  3. You should be used to moving at 176! Lots of action going on for you. I wish I could have been in your class..that sounds like so much fun. Much better in a home than some sterile classroom.

  4. It sounds lovely. Amy is showing an interest in beauty therapy right now and as she's very hands-on, I think she may become interested in something like this one day.

    CJ x

  5. If I were closer, I'd take you course. It sounds like fun and I bet it smells lovely, too.

  6. I think I got very peaceful and calm just reading about the class! I wish we could hear you play! I know you are going to be fantastic! Anything worth doing is worth working hard for!

  7. What a busy... and beautiful... Aromatherapy!!!