Sunday, January 6, 2013

Some Park pictures

I've been trying to go walking each day during the holidays, and mostly succeeded.
This glorious sunset greeted us as we rounded a corner in our local park one evening. I'm never up on time to see a sunrise, so I really do value a good sunset!

It helps having 2 separate friends to walk with, and Hubby has been on holidays too, so I've roped him in some days too.
I don't mind walking on my own, sometimes I quite like it, but I walk further if I'm with someone, and the time goes much more quickly.
(does this look like a ghost story pic? same park, different time!)

It has paid off, to some extent. I haven't put on any weight with all the Christmas eating, and believe me there has been a lot of food around here, much of it of the sweet variety.
And the same park again, but same evening. Tomorrow is almost "back to normal": I've got band practise, the kids don't. And then Monday, we're back to school/work, only the college students get this week off.
It has been a lovely Christmas, and a great break.


  1. So glad you've had a nice holiday!!

  2. Now I'm just the opposite. I'm more likely to see a sunrise in the park than a sunset. Nice to know that they don't look all that different :)

    I think it gets harder every year to get back to 'normal' after the long break. Not that I'm suggesting we don't have it. Glad yours was good.

  3. Yes! The middle one looks ghostly.

  4. Hello and Happy New Year! It feels good to be back and blogging again, even though my pick up is still at a slow pace. I love walking at sunset, it is my favorite time. Love the pics.

  5. Your photos definitely captured the different moods of the park. The dark one looks really spooky!
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

  6. I am up before the sun rises so I never see it either. LOL Tucker has me up and out and then back home before the sun shows his face. Then, it's off to school. We had a very short break and I still feel cheated. I want to stomp my foot and pout like a kindergartener. :)

  7. Walking is the best exercise.;) Sadly I did not do much of it myself thus I did gain weight over the holidays.;) I enjoyed myself too much I guess.;)
    Seems like a lovely park, love the first shot.;)
    Happy New Year dear Mimmi.;)

  8. Love the photos, Mimi, especially the middle one.
    Eddie x