Saturday, September 18, 2010

Summer lights going out, one by one.

Lights of summer are extinguishing, one by one.

We can feel it in the ever-cooling air, see it in the ever-darkening evenings, sense it as we see leaves curl up their edges, lose their vibrant green and depart their trees, sometimes float gently down, sometimes whizz to ground on a wind-fuelled rapid descent.

Time marches on, irrespective of the wishes of those of us who would cling to those embers of a favourite season (me!).

But, with each passing day, next summer is one day nearer! Not so bad after all!


  1. Living from one summer to the next summer, huh.
    For me, fall is the best time I think. The heat and humidity of summer suddenly is over and we need a light blanket for sleeping and mornings are cool enough I wear socks when I get up.

  2. Now that is optimism! Thank you, Mimi. I have truly never thought (not in my conscious mind, anyway) that fall brings summer one day closer. But you are so right.
    Maybe I can just skip over all that rain, gray sky and umbrellas?

    I feel like Sleeping Beauty already! Good thing - it's raining here this morning.

  3. Hi Mimi, Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Yes, I'd love to try your green tomato chutney recipe. Hoping to rescue some of my drowned tomatoes before it's too late!
    I love the Autumn here. I know it's on its way when my neighbours tree starts to go from green to red. It's stunning! I'm also looking forward to harvesting a lot of butternut squash.

  4. I was delighted to see you over at mine, Mimi, I've been unable to visit my usual friends lately because I'm a bit disorganised this weather. It's always lovely to come here and I do find your blog very interesting and refreshing. I think the weather must be nice and mellow in Dublin nowadays. September is my favourite month back home.

    love, gaelikaa

  5. Hi, again. I just noticed your comment on green tomato chutney. Will you post your recipe, please? We, too, have some tomato plants that have a bountiful harvest which will never ripen now that the heat has gone.

    And I don't think I mentioned before how beautiful your description of fall's arrival is. I just re-read it.

  6. I can feel the change in the air. There is a chill.
    I am living one day at a time so I must find enjoyment in the Autumn and the Winter. Brrrrrrr. Trying hard!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  7. Hello! I have found you via Typecast! I'm Julia & you can find me in two 0place (well apart from my real live that has lots of places ! -: What Will Julia Do Next? ( & The Head's Office(
    Do pop over & say hello. Any chance of following via email subscription? I'm rubbish with readers!

  8. Indeed, we are on the same wavelength.;)
    Goodbye summer, hello autumn.;)

  9. Love your words here Mimi!
    Very nicely put.

  10. Oh so true! We've had some fall like days last week - but yesterday it was up to 90F again! Quite a hot one. But the daylight hours are getting a lot shorter :( That's the part I really don't like!

  11. Beautiful way to look at it, Mimi. I also love summer, though it is nice not to be tempted to use the aircon. :) I guess every season has its nice points.

    Take care!