Sunday, December 4, 2011

O Holy Night...the cd is ready!

Here it is...

I got a lovely surprise the other night, a link to this "preview" of the CD, with an invitation to the launch on Thursday night, and, best of all, an invitation to play at the launch.

I listened, and listened and then listened some more. I got out the sheet music from that day, and followed it along with the YouTube sounds. I couldn't have been more excited!

Like a child on Christmas Day!

For those of you who expressed an interest in getting a copy, here's the deal. It costs €8 (reduced price) at the launch, some of which is going to St. Vincent de Paul, a charity which looks after poor people, all the artists were voluntary (hell, I'd have PAID to be allowed play that day!!), so I'm presuming the only costs are the sound guy (who was amazing!) and the actual cost of making the cd.
I will buy cd's at the launch for anyone who wants one, and post them to you. I think €2 will cover the postage, and if it doesn't I'll make up the difference, if it's less, I'll give the rest to St. Vincent de Paul. That means you would be sending me a €10 note. Just email me by Wednesday if you're interested.

It's hard to hear the French Horns in this piece, but at the end (the last 4 bars) you may be able to hear us...not sure...let me know what you think!


  1. It's beautiful Mimi, congratulations!

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  2. Congratulations dear Mimi, how delightful it must be for you to hear the finished product, it is such a lovely music.

  3. Oh, that was a bit of magic this morning. Just beautiful. And a wonderful, evocative voice. I'm sure I heard the French horns! All your hard work has certainly paid off.

    I'm passing the link on to my daughter who plays flute in two community orch's and a quintet. All volunteer, too. I'll let you know about the CD. Thanks for offering it.
    I'm going back to listen again!

  4. It is lovely, Mimi. Very impressive.

  5. I sent you an email. Of course I'd love to purchase your CD!

  6. Brilliant, Mimi! What a pleasure it must have been to be part of this excellent production. One of my all time favorites. What a beautiful voice she has as well.

  7. Oh how lovely!! I got goosebumps listening!!

  8. I just love music like this - so fitting for the season, and filling to the spirit! Merry Christmas, Mimi. :)