Sunday, January 29, 2012

The post that got away!

Did you ever have something happen, and just as soon as it's over think : " blast, that would have made a fantastic blog post"? Blast because you forgot to take photos.
That's what happened this week.
We bought a gig-bag a couple of months ago for daughter's tuba. After about 3 uses, it began to rip, so I contacted the seller, a website in Germany. They asked me to send photos, which I did, and then asked me to return the bag, by post!
Of course, we had got rid of most of the original packaging, in fact all but a huge box that was way too big for the bag, and which I had given to the Art Department in school.(image from Google- ours looked nothing like this!)
Eventually, after more emails, the company agreed to send a courier to collect the bag, but we had to have it ready and packed. So, Thursday night, Hubby wrapped the bag in Clingfilm, and on Friday I brought that package to school, and put it in the huge box. When I say huge, it was about 4 feet cube!
This is one of the photos of the bag that I had emailed to the company. The bag cost €160!
The company had warned that we had to pack it in such a way as not to cause more damage en route, so, to fill the empty space in the huge box, I gathered all the bubble wrap and plastic bags I could find and packed them round it. Then the Art teacher showed me a great trick..filling a black refusesack with air by running along the corridor with the bag held open! And that black air-filled bag helped to fill some more space in the box.
The last job was to secure the lid, as one layer of flaps had been cut off. One roll of duct tape later, it was still not secure, but the courier was already on his way! When he arrived, he didn't think he would get the box into his van, whereas my only worry was that the lid would give way! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it gets to Germany in 1 piece.

The lesson for me? Take photos! Oh, and don't throw out the packaging, give it to the Art Department!
Have you ever forgotten to take photos of an event that would have made a great blog post?


  1. Now how do you suppose that art teacher knew to run with the bag? I'll bet it's been a project...all the kids out in the field running with black bags. I can see it now...what if a bag got overfull and took the little one over the treetops like Winnie the Pooh?

    I hope that your bag gets there safely. And that your replacement is soon flying back to your daughter. You'll have all new packing to store away. And then you'll never need it!

  2. I wish you had taken pictures of yourself filling the bag with air. I'd have paid to see that!

  3. Stephanie, I can picture it too! He! he!
    Rudee, I am disappointed too that I didn't get a picture of that!

  4. Maybe you can organise a photo of the teacher running down the corridor filling the sack with air - the idea of that made me laugh. You could invite captions, "what is this person doing?" :)

    Yes, I often forget to take pictures, or they happen too fast. But you know I think I might consider darn well learning to make a tuba bag myself if this was the alternative!

  5. I am sorry about the troubles. Yes, take image. I sometimes use my phone to just tale snapshots of things I do not want to forget.;)
    Thnak you for finding the time to visit me and understanding that at times real life takes over.;)
    Have a nice Sunday,