Thursday, August 9, 2012

London 2012, part 2

Saturday night we went to a fab Turkish restaurant with a friend of my brother's. The food was absolutely delicious, and it was lovely to catch up with Loch.

Sunday we went to Volleyball in Earls Court.
It was a journey back in time for me, as I worked just across the road in a hotel one summer when I was a student! Would have loved to have stayed in that hotel, but at short notice it was booked out.
It looks as though we were miles away from the action, but we actually had a brilliant view, this photo just doesn't show it.
Our seats were behind the seating for athletes; with our "gold medals", we thought we were in the appropriate place!!

See, we had a great view! Just look at all the action going on in this photo! And it was the same throughout each game.
Wouldn't mind having this team of floor cleaners at home!!
And, of course, there was entertainment between shots! I enjoyed them, but the rest of my family weren't in favour.

We had to drag ourselves away in the middle of a brilliant match, to get to the airport and catch our flights. It broke my heart to leave.
There was an early version of a 500m sprint to get to the gate on time: we arrived at Gatwick at 2.35 for a 3.00 flight! The traffic was absolutely awful the whole way there. Luckily, security wasn't busy, and we are all good runners! Made it on time!

The UK did a fantastic job of organising it, especially in relation to VOLUNTEERS everywhere to show us the way, FRIENDLY people with a great welcome, FREE HYDE PARK events,  SECURITY that worked efficiently, NO TROUBLE at any event, UNDERGROUND TICKETS included with our event tickets, PRICES in restaurants weren't any more expensive than normal.

We thoroughly enjoyed the Olympics!


  1. Nice to hear some positive - no! glowing - reports of the Olympic experience.
    We had such a wonderful time in 2010 when it was here in Vancouver. I know that everyone involved in the Games tries just that little bit harder to welcome people.

    The media always focus on the things that go wrong or the controversies. What party poopers they are!

  2. How amazing you got to be there ;). I like that action shot where girl is up in the air!

  3. It's such fun to see some Olympic action through the lens of your camera.

  4. Seems like you had a great time, sorry you had to leave before the match ended. In Denmark, handball is the big game, unfortunately, the Danes, who are currently the EM champions, had to leave after loosing in the quarterfinals, what a shame.
    Have a great weekend Mimi,

  5. How fun! We saw an Olympic women's football match when we were in China. I'm so glad everyone was so friendly and helpful and you had such a wonderful time. I don't remember it being a particularly friendly and helpful experience when we were in China. :) Good job, London!

  6. The Olympics are my favorite sporting events. To see any event in person would be my dream. So wonderful you had the opportunity and glad to hear you had a lovely time.

  7. I've just been catching up on your blog and travels! Love the pictures! I don't usually watch the Olympics but did this year and I was impressed with a lot of it. I think London did a fabulous job hosting. A cousin's husband was there shooting a documentary and he was impressed as well. So glad y'all had a great experience!

  8. How wonderful that you got to be part of the games. From everything I've seen and heard, London was top-notch. They are to be commended for hosting such an incredible event. Too bad you had to leave during the match but lucky you for being part of the experience.

  9. I was wishing the whole time I'd volunteered. I was one of the miseries who kept saying it was all a load of hype, and so I missed out on the chance to be part of something amazing. Hope I'll know better on another occasion - not the Olympics, obviously though....