Friday, June 11, 2010

Promised Docklands post

Soooo.... the Docklands Festival was a bit of a washout.
It rained, then it rained some more, and more.
I wasn't too badly off, as I had a jacket with a hood (for once!), but poor Hubby had nothing for his head. We nipped into a little coffee place for a short while, in the hope that the rain would stop, but eventually we gave up and headed home.
Not before I got this picture for you! It's called the "Jeanie Johnson" and is a reconstruction of that famous Famine Ship.
What do you think of Jeanie? I think she's flaunting it a bit! We didn't go on board, because in spite of the rain, there was a huge queue.

Other news- I did my Grade 6 French Horn exam today. Why is it that, no matter how much I tell myself that it doesn't matter, that nothing rides on the result, I still get incredibly nervous the minute I go in the door? I've put in many hours on practice, yet I couldn't play the C scale.
The exam was supposed to be at 11.50, so by 11.40 I had warmed up and was all ready, except to nip to the toilet. But then I was called, about 10 minutes early. In that split second, I couldn't get up the courage to say "sorry but I've to go to the toilet first, my exam is not scheduled till 11.50" , so I went ahead in.

When I couldn't play the scales, I was disappointed, felt so let down. It must have looked as though I hadn't worked at all, and I hate that. It's not so much the result, as knowing that I didn't do myself or my teacher justice for all the work we've put in. I just wish I was not so easily thrown off course.
I've tried Rescue Remedy, essential oils, yoga, mind-over-matter...if anyone knows of anything else, please do tell. There is some trick about imagining the examiner naked, so if nobody has any better ideas, I might try that next time..if there is a next time!


  1. I missed this post somehow. I'm definitely with you on the failure to perform. I make so many mistakes when I have to 'show off' what I've practiced. Like you, I'm sure that my teacher thinks I've just sat and looked at the keys all week. But she's very understanding and says it still happens to her (with all her experience) when she's in front of an audience.

    Hope the examiners overlooked your nerves...

  2. Mimi, it will be ok. :)

    I love the figurehead!

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