Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Moved House

I haven't moved to this woodland! No, my friends, I like this place to visit but it would be way, way too remote a place for me to live. I like my shops and friends nearby.

Apologies to anyone who has been trying to reach me, or to comment if links haven't worked.
I changed my blog address, cos I never liked the old one- "mimis-world" just sounded so "full-of-myself" - I only selected cos blogger suggested it. Gosh, that sound so like "I only did it cos she told me to"!

I then deleted the old blog (i think) and then all comments disappeared, but they seem to now be back so maybe that was Blogger acting up.

Anyway, you get the picture, I'm useless with computers outside of my (narrow) knowledge of word and accounts! But thank you to everyone who emailed me and contacted me - it's nice to know that you're looking out for me!
Yesterday, we went to the Dublin Docklands Festival instead of the Japanese Gardens, but because of rain, took only one photo, which I'll post tomorrow.
Come back sunshine, pretty please! The garden is watered now, and needs some warmth.
These photos are the last two from our trip to Glendalough , I love this tree trunk..really old and wise, unlike me!


  1. So glad you haven't gone far. :)
    I love these shots. Old wood and time gone by. I was just roaming through my own little piece of woodlands today and marveling at the stillness.

  2. I seem to be still linked to you, Mimi.
    I am useless with computers and rely completely on my son for any technical changes.
    Glad you are still around.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  3. Yay I found you :0)

  4. Welcome to your new blog! I'm terrible with computers too. xoxo

  5. Hello Mimi, those pictures are beautiful. I am sure Ireland is a stunning country. Can you imagine that I have never been there?
    Blogger is at times difficult to control, I so get the sentiments.;)

  6. I would totally love to live in a place like that. You can always drive to the shops. :)

  7. Hi Mimmi, nice to hear from you. I have not been too activ with this blog. I have another one, wich is NEW. I decide to drop the old blog as I have had about 2½ year.
    The photo of the Magnolia blossom was taken in May this year.In Ireland or England when I had 3 weeks of holidays, and I and my man Brian went there.
    It was really lovely to meet the spring, now we got it twice.
    Have a nice evening
    Hugs/Ulla and Brian
    My other blog is: http://munamaj.bloggplatsen.se/

  8. Hi Mimi!!! So glad that you are back.....sometimes a fresh start is good:) I m just glad you didn't leave us!!

    Thank you for your sweet comments.... I am beyond excited for this new opportunity and am really busy planning all the tiny details!!

    Enjoy the rest of your week.....Friday will be here before we know it.....I live for the weekend!!



  9. Lovely address you have now, Mimi, the minute I saw your comment I came looking for your new address. I've been irregular about visiting friends blogs these days as the school holidays are in full swing and my littlest one requires help to catch up on school in the summer. Because of upset in the home he fell behind the heavy academic schedule in school and was not passed into first class. So apologies for not being around. And I do love your new address, it is easy to remember too! My mother was telling me about the gynae stuff coming in the news lately. I'm going to have to check it out on Google when I get a minute. Back soon to see you again, lots of love, Maria xxxx

  10. Love the new address too! And I'm still linked to you as well. If the profile's the same, the blog will still guarantee previous settings. By deleting the old blog, all you do is lose the posts and comments. But parameters and followers remain (wow, that sounded like I really know something about computers! Where did THAT come from???)

    E xx

  11. HI Mimi...gorgeous tree shots..love it!!

  12. Love it! great shots! xx