Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Socks, and needing advice.

finished my first pair of socks!

The pattern is Wise Hildas Basic Ribbed Sock, and it's on Ravelry. I think I got the lead form Jane at WT knits. I loved knitting them, though they turned out bigger than I expected- I had too-big needles, (and on looking for the link I've discovered these are for men! though there is a women version) but they are so soft!

As soon as they were finished, I thought of the perfect recipient for them. Someone who may be relaxing from time to time, someone who needs to be pampered, and who could use tactile luxury. I sent them to Ais, hoping that she'll wear them when she's relaxing between physio sessions, or on her weekends at home.

Now to a dilemma I've been ignoring for more than a couple of years.

This is a really beautiful pattern, and the cables were intricate, but you know that feeling when you keep knitting something even though you know it's not quite right? Yes, too big, much too big, but don't want to rip it and start again.

What would you do?


  1. The socks are beautiful, and you've a kind heart to gift them as you did.

    As for your conundrum, if it were me, I'd keep knitting, oblivious to the fact that yes indeed, gauge had lied to me. In the end, I would be surprised that it didn't fit, but I'd wear it anyways. If you don't believe me, you can ask the too tight sweater on my dress form in my yarn room. It'll tell you all about my knitting foibles and rose colored glasses. Those cables are beautiful and I can appreciate why you are stuck--neither able to move forward, nor back. Sorry...that wasn't much help, was it?

  2. Too intricate to unravel.
    I would find a way of using them. Could you use them as bed socks on a really cold night?
    Then I would knit the correct size & put it down to experience.
    It is a beautiful pattern and knitted so neatly.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  3. Rudee, I laughed so much at your comment!

    I'm now thinking iwill rip it out and knit a traditional Aran, maybe what we used to call a "lumber jacket", i.e. like a cardigan but round neck rather than v. What do you think?

  4. Oh, Mimi! I wouldn't rip it out unless you really want to make a different pattern.

    I totally agree with Rudee: the cables are beautiful. Just because they don't look like the pattern doesn't make them wrong - it makes them original to you. As you know, cable patterns have been used for generations to identify the region or even the maker of the knitting.

    If it's too big for you maybe not for someone else?

  5. Could you turn it into a snuggly, oversized, TV viewing sweater? perfect for those cold winter evenings at home!

    Those socks turned out beautifully. So sweet of you to gift them.

  6. Oh, gosh, Mimi, I am not a knitter, so what you've done looks beautiful to me! Those socks look so comfortable ... and the green ribbon is adorable. You have quite a talent!


  7. The socks are gorgeous. Nothing more comfy than wearing a pair of hand knit socks. I can't find the time to knit anymore but my memory is good. Ha

  8. Oh gosh. I sew, not knit. I have had to remove stitches and even throw away projects that too many stitches were in. OUCH.

  9. Years ago I did some knitting, not as much as crochet though. I will be getting more crochet materials soon and play around and try to remember how to do it all. There were times I finished something and would take it apart and do it over. That is what I would say to you. They look so soft and comfy. I hope you do them over and will have the double satisfaction when you wear them.

    Thank you for the info on feeding rabbits. We have squirrels, rabbits, other critters and they come to our back yard for the corn we put out there. Right now we have baby squirrels behind the garage and some baby rabbits out in the back yard. They all get along together and even play together.

  10. Hi Mimi,

    What lovely creations! Some of the most wonderous things on earth were "accidents". I took a crochet class one time and it was the most awful piece of a-symmetrical yarn-work ever attempted, the teacher just looked at me puzzled; "Somehow, you managed to drop 13 rows, pick up 15 more and create your own stitch; you should start over.

    If folded properly, it looked nice over my couch and became a dedicated doggie blanket. Dogs never judge.

    I hope you have a lovely Easter.

  11. I agree with the others. Though I'm not a knitter, I think the cables look lovely and wouldn't change a thing. I've got to find somebody to teach me how to make socks. :)

  12. I know less than nothing about knitting but those socks look lovely and cozy - perfect for putting on after some wonderful smelling aromatherapy lotion :).

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  13. Those socks are lovely and I love the pattern on your piece.;) I usually never destroy anything I create, I rather start on something new.;))
    Thank you dear Mimi for your very kind words on my latest post.;))

  14. I'm just impressed that you can knit cables!!!!! I have yet to get up the nerve to try them! Is it big enough to turn it into a baby blanket?

    I knitted my first sock last fall and I was so proud of myself! I have yet to knit it's mate. LOL

  15. Your cables look great. Happy to know that you are a knitter too! I first started knitting when I was 8. I won't say how old I am now, but I have been knitting for a long time! Seems to me you are a busy lady.