Saturday, November 12, 2011


Today was the recording of the Christmas cd.
Oh my, what a day!
It started in the beautiful setting of this church in Lucan, Co.Dublin.
A 9.30 start would not normally be my scene on a Saturday morning, but today was different. I jumped out of bed!

I'm giving the Full Monty in one post, so if anyone wants to jump down to the end, that's ok. I just don't want to leave out any detail. This is one of those days that I will remember for all of my life. There was a lot of preparation beforehand.
Musicians need lots of water..
People were moving seats, candles, reading stands and all sorts of other church stuff.

Then we started and the sun shone through those beautiful stained-glass windows onto our music During a break in the morning session, in a piece where French Horns had no part (what kind of piece is that?), I went down to the village for a walk...

can you see a heart shape in this photo or is it just my happiness radiating?.
and it was funny to see the normal things going on in the village, such as children feeding the ducks..

When lunch-time was called, there was practically a stampede for food. Stands, instruments and music were abandoned in favour of food!

Many women had brought delicious sandwiches, wraps, rolls. And then there was home-made apple tart, yum! Sorry, no photos of that, too busy eating it!

The recording/sound guy was amazing; he could detect one single mistake, one single wrong note, over all the playing! That was a bit unnerving, but he was really nice and very encouraging to all of us.

He took on the role of "shop steward" in the afternoon, and negotiated a 10 minute tea-break for us!
It was much needed; 5 hours of playing certainly uses calories, and all top-ups of blood sugar were very welcome.
Back home, I'm on a high! I'm so very appreciative of the many wonderful, patient, generous people who have all helped me along the way and brought me to today's high point. I know that the journey continues, and the great thing about this is that there is no destination, it's all about the journey!

And I'm loving it!

p.s. just heard that the cd will be for sale, to raise funds for a church roof, and we're invited to play at a launch, with the choir, on 8th December. It gets better and better!


  1. Sounds brilliant Mimi, well done you!

    My photography is available for purchase - visit Around the Island Photography on etsy and Society6 and bring home something beautiful today!

  2. What a wonderful thing to do.
    Love that little church, especially the windows.
    The heart shape is fabulous in that bridge & water picture and the little ducks make an enchanting photo too in that stream.
    I could sort of read that music..... know that tune!
    Lovely post.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  3. Wonderful, Mimi! I'm so glad you had such an awesome day! Love the pics!

  4. Glad you enjoyed it so much Mimi and very well done and congratulations to you ~ Eddie

  5. That's wonderful! I want a CD!! I'm sure it's lovely. Good job!


  6. What a gorgeous day you had, both inside and out. Stained glass is so beautiful with the sun shining through it. You must have been even more inspired to make beautiful music.

    I agree that when you are so busy inside and doing something that takes all your attention, it seems as though there is no outside at all. Then, reality when you open the doors. I was always surprised after working inside all day to realize that it was still light out.

    Do let us know when the CD is available.

  7. Oh yes, I see the heart shape, spilling over with water-music! Just like your day spilled over with another kind of music and so much enjoyment. I'd love to buy a CD to help out, if that is possible from this side of the Atlantic. Do let us know.

  8. What an exciting project. I want a CD, too.

    I do see the heart shape!

  9. Oh my gooddness, you're all SO KIND!
    I will let you know when the cd is out, and see if i can get some to you all! It's really so exciting!

  10. I think this post deserves all your excitement as indeed what can be more wonderful than being part of creating, making and recording music? And Christmas music in a church on top of it all, it mist have been truly unforgettable.,)
    Yes I can indeed see a heart shape in that picture, but that is because my whole being is infused with love.;))
    Have a great week dear Mimi,

  11. Hello just dropped by... right must get out the Christmas carol book and have another go at learning some :-)

  12. It looks like such a very special day. Congratulations on your successful event : )
    I hope the CD sales go very well!