Sunday, November 6, 2011

Walking in the Air

I'm beyond excited!

Just had a most amazing day! Regular readers will know my journey with the French Horn, and especially how nervous I am playing in public... and those who read my last post will know that it was difficult for me to be the only French Horn in the band.

Well, folks, today there has been progress! Lots of it!

This morning, I was (again) the only French Horn in band, and I wasn't even nervous. I can't believe it! All thanks to the lovely conductor from 2 weeks ago, whose words put me at ease. Different conductor today, who at times focused on me, and I was fine with that. I'm learning, learning so much!


This afternoon, I was playing with an orchestra, who rehearse just once a month. At the break, the conductor told me she thought the French Horns were sounding really good today!

After the break, we were rehearsing Christmas Carols with a choir, cos guess what? on Saturday, we're recording a CD with the choir! All the usual suspects will be on it..Oh Little Town of Bethlehem, O Come all you Faithful, Silent Night etc.

We had such a good time today, well, I certainly did! The guy beside me probably thinks I'm a lunatic, cos each time a new piece of music was called I'd go "oh, I love this one!"...

But really, I adore Christmas music. I was totally happy, playing away, choir singing behind us; it was bliss!

I'm really hoping that the CD will be for sale, I will buy a copy for everyone I know, and I'll be putting a video clip on here, I promise I will!


  1. Oooh, how exciting for you! Bravo!

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  2. I can't wait for the video! This is exciting!

  3. Brilliant, Mimi! You are making great strides.
    Funny how we both posted about music!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  4. Congratulations Mimi - ever since your Suday Roast I just knew you are a natural French Horn player. Looking forward to the video.

    Gosh, Mimi, I didn't realise it was all in the embouchure - just found this on the website:

    A French horn player is only as good as her embouchure. The better your embouchure, the better your range, endurance and tone when playing your French horn in a band, orchestra or brass ensemble. It all starts with proper positioning of the mouthpiece, the right amount of pucker in your lips and the air pressure you use to make a sound.

    Thanks for popping over earlier and always nice to 'speak'. Hugs ~ Eddie

  5. Thanks everyone for your lovely comments, now I'm even more excited!
    Eddie, i have to disagree with that website about embouchure; while it is important, air is really what it's all about,in my humble opinion, controlling the air going through the pipes. And it's easier said than done! Today's tip was to pretend I have a tennis ball in my mouth!!

  6. I'm so proud of you! A
    Isn't it wonderful how kind words can give us so much confidence?!
    You've gotten me in the mood for Christmas music now.

  7. That's so exciting. I'm very glad for you... what an honour and a thrill.

  8. It all sounds so exciting! I love Christmas music, too. I'll buy your CD just to listen to the French horn.

  9. Mimi - Congratulations! I love the French Horn. Really love it! Please keep us posted on the CD, I'd love to buy it myself! I look forward to the video. Have a wonderful day.

  10. Mimi!! A tennis ball in your mouth!!! Gosh what a big mouth you have LOL!! Just joking! Thanks for correcting that silly website post! They should be locked up putting out rubbish like that!

    Maggie, your humble servant and you have something in common. Maggie and I play the piano and you of course play the French Horn. I am practicing some Scott Joplin currently - I used to play some of his piano rags about 25 years ago. Fingers are decidedly stiff - Cheers ~ Eddie

  11. Now that's good news Mimi! After your last post I'm happy to 'hear' the upbeat tone in your words. How wonderful to be a part of making a CD.
    Do hope you'll post that video. :)

  12. This post makes me smile for you!!

  13. Congratulations Mimi! What a marvelous opportunity for you, and it sounds like you are having fun too. I'll be looking forward to the video clip.

  14. The excitement and happiness in this post just lifted my heart! *smiling so warmly*