Saturday, November 19, 2011

Wish me luck, please.

Tomorrow is my first "gig" with the new band, and I'm a bit nervous. It's at a Mass, and most of the music is fine, but there are one or two pieces that I've seen for all of 3 minutes, then the rehearsal moves on to the next piece! Honestly!

I bring my camera to rehearsals and take a quick photo of the pieces, so I can practice in between. Most of the players think this is hilarious!
I have decided that I'll just play what I can, and count through the rest, but in my heart I really want to play most of the music.
So, please keep your fingers crossed that I don't make a "holy show" of myself!

In other news, look at what our garden is STILL November! can't believe it!
This raspberry bush was a Mothers' Day present and this is its first year. I cannot believe how many bowls of raspberries it has given, and as the weather is still very mild here, the bush thinks it's September!


  1. Oh, lucky you, with raspberries in November! Even in Ireland, that must be a first.

    I love that you take photos of your music. What a great idea and I'm sure it helps you no end.

    I'm sure will do wonderfully well and you don't need luck. I'm crossing my fingers just as an added support.

  2. The berries look delicious.

    Good luck and have great fun tomorrow.

  3. They don't give out sheet music to take home? Why on earth... I'm sure you'll be brilliant, but you'd think they'd make it easier to practice, not harder.

    Those raspberries look gorgeous. I'm jealous, they're one of my favorite fruits but it's too hot for them to grow well here.

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  4. Good Luck with the gig. I'm sure you don;t really need the good luck though as I feel you will get by with skill!
    Lovely to see your music and I had to smile at you practicing from your camera!

    Raspberries...... mmmmmh! My favourite fruit.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  5. The raspberries look delicious. I'd eat them one by one, like the notes on the music. And, I think photoing the sheets is brilliant, personally. I photo lots of stuff for reference, like signage for example. So, we are on the 'same page!'

  6. Good luck, Mimi and I bet it is note and pitch and expression perfect ~ Eddie

  7. I'm seeing this AFTER Sunday.... but I hope it all went well for you my friend!!

  8. I am very late commenting, but I hope the mass went well! And I am amazed at those raspberries! We have snow here. I'm ready for spring already. :)

  9. I am a bit too late, but i hope it all went well.;)
    And I can not believe you have still raspberries in your garden.;))

  10. Hi Mimi, I just saw this post...days too late. I hope it went well! Aren't digital cameras great...they are very useful for capturing things like music one wants to practice on at home.

  11. Those raspberries look so luscious! I hope all went well for you.