Sunday, July 22, 2012

Stole away! and update on my dilemma

Thank everyone for your fantastic, helpful comments on my last post. It really helped my confidence to know that so many people were behind me. That is one of the marvellous things about the blogging community.
 (and I thought the ivy in my garden was out of control! Perspective!)
I decided to face the situation head-on, but the person in question never turned up to the last rehearsal. Maybe she heard I would have chewing gum (Eddie's idea!) or had troops lined up to punch her (Pam and Stephanie!) or one of the many other ideas for dealing with it.
 However, another very talented player was there, and I noticed how polite and respectful he was, as I was to him. We are all just doing our best. That made me more determined not to be bullied.
I will keep you updated.

Hubby and I stole away for a few days. Bratislava and Vienna.  Above is the view from our hotel room! I think it looks like an architect's drawing!
 And this was one of many beautiful buildings in Bratislava.
Worthy of a full other post, but these few pics are an introduction. More to follow..


  1. It does look like an artist's version of a coming development! I can see the little dollhouse people. Beautiful building at the end.

    Glad that your problem is sorted - sort of. Perhaps the young woman didn't have any fun either?

  2. Stole away...just like that. Color me green with envy as the scenery looks just delightful. If you need me to help, I will steel away and bring my shovel.

  3. Oh, it's good to "steal away" every now and then. What a beautiful place!!

  4. And THAT'S the difference, Mimi. A really talented player does not, should we say in the circumstance, 'blow their own trumpet' or French Horn LOL. Pretenders always try to convince others and THEMSELVES that they are good, and of course they are not. So she 'blew' her chances LOL and there was no need to stir up a HORNests nest LOL. Glad you got away from it all and I am sooooo pleased you can resume with your playing - a thing that you love. I think she might have 'got wind' I was going to put some bubble gum down her horn LOL.
    Hugs ~ Eddie

  5. Glad to her that you have found your inner strength dear Mimmi.;) And Bratislava, wow, you know I was born in Slovakia, so that is the capital of my birth place. But imagine, I have never visited it.;)
    Have a great week Mimmi and thank you for your always kind visits and comments.;)