Thursday, October 29, 2009

One Brave Lady

My friend's Mum was burgled last week.
Two young lads called to her house looking for directions, which she gave. They thanked her and left.
A few minutes later her doorbell rang again, and they were there, hoods up. Quick as lightening, she tried to push the door closed, but they were quicker still, and pushed in the door.

The pushed her about, shouted at her, and dragged her from room to room looking for money. She gave them what she had, but they wanted more. They looked for jewellery, but all her jewellery was taken in another burglary a few years ago. At one point, she became breathless and thought she was going to die, so they shoved her onto a couch and gave her water to revive her.

Eventually, they shut her in a room and left.

This woman is 84 years old. She has a heart condition and many other medical complaints.

But I take my hat off to her, she stayed on her own a few nights later. They took her money, but she will not let them take her independence.

What a very brave lady. What cowardly young lads, to pick on her.


  1. That's terrible! She's brave all right, God bless her. She shouldn't open the door to strangers, though. Not that it makes the burglary her fault!

  2. My gosh. This makes me ill. An 80+ year old woman... Oh, how could they?

  3. A sad comment on how things are all over our world. It's pathetic to think that such louts targeted her for her perceived weakness. Thank goodness she is so strong.

  4. And I suppose the authorities will blame drugs or broken homes for the behaviour of these wretches. I'm glad your friend is strong minded enough to return to her home. Please God there are no after-effects.

  5. Oh. . . How can anyone pick on a senior? That is just WRONG! She could have lost her life just by mere fright!

  6. What a horrible thing to have to go through, how could they be so cold and heartless?