Saturday, October 3, 2009

Poor Broken Horn- PSF - photo story

Sorry, I couldn't think of a witty title to this post. And although it's supposed to be posted on a Friday, I'm going to break that rule! Because I feel like it!

See some blue in this pic- well, it shouldn't be there. It's actually Blue Tack, holding this together.

This is my French Horn, and last Sunday I noticed that the bridge was loose. Enquired from expert at band what to do- they're wonderful people, and they always know where to send you, and how to fix these things.

The recommended repair guy guided me through the steps that he needs to take... before beginning to solder it back together, he has to wrap the entire instrument in wet rags, to absorb the heat of the solder and not damage the instrument. The entire procedure will take 3 days, and right now, there are not 3 consecutive days when this instrument is not needed! On Tuesday, it will go to FH casualty. Wonderful, but in the meantime, we're relying on the "power of the blue"!

And this is a cute little "French Horn Charm" that eldest daughter made for me a few years ago when I started to play. I never play a concert or do an exam without it. That sounds good, especially as I only play in about 2 concerts a year! If you look closely at the piece on the right, it has a fancy scrolled "M" for Mimi! Isn't that just so sweet!

And finally, here's my French Horn in all its glory- this image has been cropped, yes cropped! My Photoshop skills know no limits!!


  1. Good old Blue Tack! I didn't know it could hold a French horn together, though. Good to know.
    Full marks for your cropping skills. I like that photo with all those baroque golden curves,

  2. Indeed.. great cropping skills!

  3. Its so hard when your right hand man is out of comission. I am so sorry that you had to patch him with puddy! But good thinking!
    And that charm is absolutely beautiful! And what a thoughtful daughter you have.
    I wish you luck in your concerts, and I hope that Old Blue Tack gets feeling better soon too!
    Thanks for dropping by my photo story Friday!

  4. Sorry your horn is broken but extra props for the creative fix.

    Hope it comes back from the shop even better than before!