Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sunday Roast

I don't know if any of you ever followed David Mc Mahon's Authorblog. David is a Melbourne-based journalist and internationally-published photographer. His blog, at the last count, had 930 followers! For a reason:

I've been an avid follower for a while, and David always had interesting posts, one of which was the weekly Sunday Roast.

David has hung up his boots (I'm still hoping it's only temporary) and offered the baton to Eddie Bluelights, whose blog is a bundle of laughs.
I'm glad to say that Eddie has agreed to take up this huge challenge, and I quote:

I have accepted David's very kind and generous offer on one condition and that is, if David ever decides to return to Blogland I will return it to it's rightful owner still intact and not compromised in any way. I shall make sure the project is run exactly as David would wish. I know I have sufficient time to administer this and I intend to devote considerable initial effort to get the show on the road for us.

The Sunday Roast is an interview with a blogger of choice, and, in my humble opinion, makes for excellent reading. It's also a lovely way of networking in the blogosphere. I've lost count of the really interesting and diverse blogs I've been led to via Sunday Roast.
It's a bit like taking a walk in a wood with many, many paths. You want to go down all of them, but you can't. You are, however, very glad that there's not just ONE path.

There you are, the rest of the adventure is up to you.


  1. Just came over from Meredith's blog and I am so pleased you are posting this too.
    We will all miss Authorblog but I think Eddie Bluelights will be really good at running the Sunday Roast. As you say, he is a bundle of laughs.
    Thanks also for the information that Tales of Extraordinary Ordinariness will be running a weekend winners post.
    I wish I could tell you how to get links into comments. I am sure someone will tell you. Hope so.

  2. Thank you very much for your support Mimi - hope to go live on this on 11 October but I am working on the Roll Of Honour of previous roasts and will try to get some of this up earlier then bring it completely up to date - found all 85 of them - they make interesting reading.
    Best wishes and I am looking forwar to this interesting Sunday Roast Project ~ Eddie x

  3. Hi, Mimi, this is great news. Yes, I do feel we are friends. Cyberland is strange, but I've met terrific friends here and being so far from my own place, I've been able to link up with like-minded people. It's been marvellous for me. Fingers crossed for my trip home next year!!!

  4. I just stopped by David's this evening. I knew there wouldn't be another post; but I checked anyway. :)
    I'm going to check out Eddie's site too. It's nice he's carrying on the torch.

  5. Hello Mimi, I am so excited that you got this award! It sounds great, I've visited David on several different photo memes but I never realized that he was spotlighting blogs. I might just have to go check this out at its new home. It sounds great. I'm always on the look out for new reading.
    I read in the above comments that you would like to link in your comments. I can send you an email with the information. But I promise it will look rather strange, and I will try my best to explain it.
    Thanks for stopping by to read my PSF!
    I'm off to read yours now!

  6. Oh you didn't do the PSF. That's ok, I really enjoyed looking at your blog today! So now I will go and email you that info. It won't work in a comment because it will convert the info into the link rather than showing you what to do.

  7. I guess I should actually look at your blog before I go making comments huh. Sorry, I'm usually not this imperceptive, I promise. If you wouldn't mind firing off an email to me, from my contact info in my profile I will email the link info to you. Just put a reminder about what I'm supposed to be doing. As you can see, I think my brain fell out sometime last night. Maybe I should go back to bed.
    Thanks again for coming to visit me!