Sunday, July 4, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday

This little treasure of a bookshop in the centre of Rouen became a favourite haunt for me while on our holidays. Can you see yellow in the picture, and some yellow in the books on the shelf- this was the English language section.

I believe that bookshops should always have a coffee shop, then you can browse and read in comfort.

But this little café also served the most delicious lunches- simple, good food, quiches with delicious salads. And the cakes?.....yum!

I'll post some more pictures of this little place tomorrow for Ruby Tuesday.

Drowsey Monkey hosts Mellow Yellow Monday, so go there to see some more lovely yellow stuff.


  1. Oh, it's good to see you back! Any holiday with a bookstore is a good one...and I agree about the cafe, too. This one looks quite quiet and easy to sit with your nose in a book.

    As you've already seen, Ireland was on my mind this week. A whole year's sped by!

  2. I love bookshops mixed with coffee! Lunch? even nicer :).

  3. I saw you over at Mary's Work of the Poet and thought you were a different Mimi! I am so glad I stopped by. I hope you will join me soon! Have a wonderful week. Anne

  4. The wall glows yellow!
    Books and coffee - what a pair. :)

  5. One of my most favorite places - a bookstore and a coffee shop in one! Looks like a lovely little place!!

  6. The book shop looks great. I was on a brief visit to Rouen, after visiting Monet's Garden, but the time allowed off the coach didn't give much change to look round. What I did see made me want to return... maybe one day I will.

  7. It looks wonderful and I do agree that they should all have cafes and chairs and couches to accommodate the customers.

  8. Small Rouen bookshop—
    come, let us feast on riches
    of word upon word.