Saturday, July 17, 2010

Summer Stock Sunday

I love the summer harvest, with its promises of jam, tarts, salads.
The fact that trees have gone from this...

to this..

All these guys need is a little more sunshine, then we'll have the preserving pot out, and all systems go! They ripen only to yellow, but they are sweet, especially when you add jam sugar!

I'm not sure what this purple-sprouting broccolli needs, I haven't seen one floret yet, although I have been eating some of the leaves.

I love the flowers on this mangetout,

but wonder does the "tout" include the flowers?

I have munched some pods, and they were delicious.

But I'd be lying if I didn't tell you that these are my favourites...

and that I'm SO thrilled with the little terracotta label I found in a diy store.

I know, the only thing blue about these berries is the pot, but they are beginning to ripen, we had 4 blue ones so far, and they tasted great. The birds got most off one bush, but this little 2 y/o is doing well.

This is the first year we've had apples on this tree, do you think they're eating or cooking apples? Its sister produced a few last year, and they were cookers. I'm hoping these are eating apples, but I'm up for making a few tarts if not.
Robin of Around the Island hosts Summer Stock Sunday, you can click on the picture at the top to join in or to view other contributions.


  1. What a wonderfully lush garden you have, so much deliciousness waiting to be enjoyed!

    My photography is available for purchase - visit Around the Island Photography and bring home something beautiful today!

  2. How lovely to have all those fruit bearers. It is indeed a wonderful time of year for summer stock, if only the weather would buck up.

  3. What a beautiful post in words and pictures; I love seeing plants grow and flourish. Our own produce is the very best.;) I only grow tomatoes but they taste better than any I have ever bought;)
    Have a lovely weekend,

  4. I am VERY envious of all the green... I will be in the UK next month and can't wait to see something other than sand ;0)

    PS it didn't hurt and thanks for your comment... but then I have lots so maybe have a high pain threshold :))

  5. What a lovely and promising series!

  6. You have a lot of deliciousness to enjoy this summer. The plums will be so good and that's a great 'green' photo of them. And I love peas in the pod - pod'n'all. Never tried eating the flowers, though.

  7. Those grapes look delicious!!! I planted some grapes in my garden (I use that term very loosely). SO far, I have leaves, but no grapes. I'm not all that hopeful...Enjoy yours!!

    Happy Summer Stock Sunday!

  8. Hubby has told me I need to go look at our grapes but it's been raining. I better go tomorrow or the birds might have gotten them.
    You have so much growing - yum!