Friday, July 23, 2010

Tag and Followers

Stephanie V is a patient woman - that's official.

Stephanie tagged me on 29th January, I was very enthusiastic to do the tag, but just couldn't seem to post it.

But here it is, the 5 best things that happened to me in the past year:

1. Family- we have our health, and we're surviving the recession. That may sound corny to some people, but it is very important to me.

2. Getting to see Toronto and Niagara Falls. Our family holiday last year was a long-awaited trip to Florida, but the cheapest flights were via Toronto with a 10 hour stopover.

At first, I was not enthusiastic, but then I viewed it as an opportunity. So on the outward journey we went to downtown Toronto and did the bus tour, while on the homeward stretch we rented a car and drove to Niagara.

Two great destinations, both of which I loved. I hope to back there for a longer visit another time.

3. Joining a new orchestra. Sometimes, when you wish for something and put it out to the universe, it happens. I'm so happy that this has happened for me. Continuing to play the French Horn is challenging, sometimes downright frustrating, but oh sooo fulfilling!

4.My eldest daughter turning 18. This is her (vegan) birthday cake, so it must be true. It really is a turning point, for both of us. Ok, she's still my baby (don't tell her) always will be, in my eyes, but I know that she's now legally an adult, can vote, take out a loan, and many other things. It's great to see her growing (grown?) up, and become her own person. I love you, Naoise, with all my heart, and having you in our lives is wonderful.

5. Planting vegetables. When we had the rabbit, rhubarb was about the only thing we could grow, but since his demise, it has given me back the garden, and I had forgotten how much I love growing food.

So now we have apples and plums,(well we did have those when Crash was here too!), lettuce, mangetout, purple sprouting broccolli, blueberries,celeriac, potatoes and a herb box. I get so excited watching them grow, and the pleasure of picking something to eat is worth all the work.

There you have it! I found it difficult to single out 5 things, cos life is such a rich tapestry, and there is so much to be grateful for, most of all health and happiness. I've recently reached the conclusion that nobody gets a smooth ride forever, and the past year has been challenging in many ways for me and for some close friends. That's why it's all the more important to appreciate the nice things in our lives.

So thank you, Stephanie, for the tag, and most of all for your patience.

I won't nominate anyone to do this tag, but if and when you want to...please go ahead.

One last thing- I see I've got 49 followers, and the child in me dearly wants to round that off.
Mmmmmmmmmmm....what would I do to get one more follower?
Anyone open to a chocolate bribe? Anyone know anyone who's open to a chocolate bribe?
Or maybe I could start a new blog and follow myself?


  1. Well Mimi I see I am your 50th follower to round things off! I love that it's with the tagged post as I think I tagged or was tagged by Stephanie V as she follows my blog! See you commented over at mine and realised I didn't have you on my blogroll - time to correct that - another Irish blogger to add. Nice blog, enjoy the photos too. See you over at my blog again I hope
    All the best, Catherine

  2. Yay! Wish granted, and in double-quick time, thanks Catherine! Where do I send the chocolate to?

  3. Wow that's cool - the first time I've got something real not virtual in the blogosphere! If you email me your email address I will reply with my postal one. I couldn't see it in the profile page about you!(Mine's in the profile page under my mugshot. Just move the cursor over it and it appears in the bottom left corner of the screen, or click on it and a mail message box opens). Let me know if any difficulties.
    Thanks a mill - love to get Chocolate any time!
    All the best, Catherine.

  4. congrats Catherine on the chocolate award!

    (and darn - as the 49th follower just missed it!! hehe)

  5. Such lovely things to make you happy.;)) I know what you mean to list only five there is almost one thing that makes me happy (at least) in each and every day. Like right now, the scent of the blooming lavender next to me as I write this enjoying a beautiful day in my garden.
    If I could only be your follower two times, I would to help you reach 50.;)
    Have a great weekend,

  6. What a cool cake! My baby turns 18 in September :)

  7. Playing catch-up here. I'm so glad that Catherine mentioned this or I'd probably have missed it. What a wonderful way to celebrate! Patience is something I have a lot of, true, but I wasn't really waiting for you to do the tag post. I'm glad you did, though, as it was nice to see your replies.
    I'm so happy to be one of your followers :)

  8. Hey Mimi - see how serendipitous all the blogging is? I tag Stephanie V, she tags you, you run a comp for 50th follower and I win yummy chocolate! Life is good at times like this!
    I blogged about it - have a look.
    Catherine xxx