Sunday, July 25, 2010

Summer Stock Sunday and Winter in Summer

Last January, when we had those weeks of snow that Dubin only gets once in a decade, I would look out the bedroom window at the mountains and think "that looks just like a ski slope".

But now, comparing the two photos, I can't believe the difference in foliage in the trees.

To me, that's far more striking than the mountain vista, and I wouldn't have expected that. What do you think?

And this was taken on a less sunny, or more cloudy, day today. I like the purple hues of the mountain heather.

This is the "Winter in Summer" meme which the lovely Zuzana is doing over at Life Through Reflections. Pay her a visit to see her amazing beach photo contrast.

And for more Summer Stock pics, click on the icon at the top of this post. Robin of Around the Island hosts this meme.


  1. What lovely leafy trees. After living away from real winters for 20 years now I'm always a bit shocked by how stark things look in a northern winter. Most trees here don't lose their leaves. Winter is our lush times when the plants thirstily drink in the winter rains. In summer everything is much more dry and brown.

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  2. There is a big difference between winter and summer in the northern latitudes, and it is most noticeable in the deciduous trees. Thanks for dropping by; I think I will throw your follower count into an un-round number!

  3. Seems to me that no matter what the season, you have a really pleasing view.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  4. Thanks for the lovely comments.
    Robin- I think i could live with a lush winter, but brown summers might be difficult.

    Dimple- delighted to have you on board!

    Maggie- you're right, it is a nice view in all seasons, and i'm thankful for it, especially as we're also close to the city centre and all that has to offer. The contrast is interesting too.

  5. Hi Mimi! Thanks you for visiting my Aloha Friday post!

    You indeed have a wonderful view year round! My daughter is pining to visit Ireland, so we are truly jealous!!!

    I see you are an avid picture taker too! Check out my photo log:

  6. Hi, Mimi! Thanks for checking out my (sick and politically incorrect) blog! I've been to Ireland once--I took my son to Kilarney for his 21st birthday. LOVED it! Can't wait to go back, and would love to check out Dublin. I look forward to reading up on you!

  7. It looks fabulous - The landscape really reminds me of Scotland.

  8. I love your new look here, very nice.;)) And what a gorgeous pair of winter and summer shots; lovely. we have no mountains in Denmark and I miss that at times.;)
    Thank you for playing along and for the mention dear friend.;))
    Have a lovely week ahead,

  9. As I hate winter I ignored your first picture, nah ! but the two others are beautiful ! I love summer when everything is green and the air smells so good !