Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ruby Tuesday

Hubbie and I went walking in Dun Laoghaire recently, and I got some Ruby finds!

Rain clouds gathered ominously as we set off down the pier, it is Ireland after all!

But it didn't deter these hardy sailors

And it didn't deter us!

And, as luck would have it, just as we reached the car again after a lovely walk, we felt the first few droplets of rain. Good timing!

For more Ruby Tuesday pics, or to join in, just click on the slippers at the top- they will magically bring you to Mary T, who kindly hosts this meme.


  1. Love the shots Mimi - especially the second one!
    So lovely!

  2. being from Nova Scotia. a view like this is very familiar to me and comforting

  3. hello mimi,

    i found your site via eleonora -- what a lovely blog you have - i love ireland and really enjoyed what i have read so far.

    i look forward to return visits to enjoy eire vicariously!!

    (p.s. if you have a chance, i would love if you dropped by my site for a visit - i often write about greece - a country i feel on some deep level is similar to ireland)

  4. Oh rain, rain, I can't wait to see rain again... about three weeks to go!!

  5. Its not much better in England.
    Nothing like a good bracing walk by the sea & getting in the car just as it begins to rain big time.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  6. Thanks for stopping by. Yes, I live in the campground that we bought in a fit of insanity 6 years ago. Sometimes I love it and sometimes I hate it. I suppose that would be true anywhere, though, so I try to see the humeor in it and make the best of it.
    Ruby slippers. They just don't look comfy, pretty, but not comfy ......

  7. ooh, I really love that lighthouse pic. Very interesting to see it painted red.

  8. I am from New England and it looks like home to me. I was in Ireland last August and I loved it.

  9. Super gorgeous..love them all..the second one is my fave..just magnificent..amazing clouds!

  10. What a delightful spot for a walk, and how lucky that the rain held off too.

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