Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I've been having digestive problems of late.
It started with acid, which then turned into reflux and became very painful.
I've had some time off work to relax, which has been really nice, and has helped a lot. And I'm on this medication that reduces the amount of acid my stomach produces.

All in all, it's well settled, but not 100%.
I go back to work next week, and 2 weeks later I come off this medication, see what happens. If it flares up again, I've to have a scope down into my stomach to see what's going on. Doctor thinks it could be hiatal hernia.

The good news is he's confident it's not anything serious, the bad news is that I'm a dreadful patient, and I mean dreadful. I hate, hate, hate having to rest. I dread the thought of having to go near a hospital. I dread that this scope might introduce infection to my body e.g. mrsa, swine flu . I refuse to give these things capital letters, cos I detest them. And finally, I dread the thought that I might be on some medication for life.

Then, just to be really helpful, spoke to brother on the phone last night, and he tells me I've to be really careful if it's a hernia that it doesn't rupture- if it does, I could die! How the heck can I make sure it doesn't rupture? Don't eat? Don't exercise? I don't know!

Now, I know that seems trivial to some of you, and in reality it is- some people deal with much much worse.
But if anybody had any advice that might help, please send it this way.


  1. Sorry I have no helpful words for your diagnosis ... Just wanted to say that I hope you get well soon :0)

  2. Oh, no, that isn't fun at all. I know because Anne lives with it every day - all day. She eats a lots of antacid tabs. Unfortunately, she's an even worse patient than you sound. Neither interventions nor prevention seem to be her style. I think, though, that if she were still working it would be more of an issue. Stress doesn't help. It's good you've had some time off to let it settle. I'm praying that that helps enough to get you feeling better.

  3. Mimi, I know lots of people who had that and if it's any help, they didn't come to any great harm in the long run. Just take the treatment and carry on. Don't dwell on it more than overly necessary.

    And Mimi? I'd love to meet you in Dublin next year if my trip works out. Ma has come round but I've got to motivate my busy husband to get the necessary papers in order.....

  4. oh dear! I do hope you get this all cleared up! Thanks for the visit and the link!

  5. My grandma and my dad have both had a hi....(I'm not even going to pretend to spell that!) hernia. My dad is a WORKER and so is my grandma, this hernia brought both of them down to bed rest for quite a while. It is serious if that's what it is. My dad has never taken a sick leave day in his 30+ year career, until the hernia surgery. He had to take of several weeks. I thought he would die of boredom, but he was too weak. Be careful and do what your doctor tells you and all will be fine in the end. Wish you luck!

  6. I have the same problem, Mimi and am taking a small dose of medication every day to reduce acid that causes reflux that is responsible for pain in the gullet. Seems to be common as people get older apparently when the valve to the stomach slackens.( like everything else!)
    I have had a barium investigation that showed nothing seriously wrong.
    Don't worry, you won't die of it!