Monday, April 5, 2010

:( Mellow Yellow Monday

The bleach didn't really work, or at least not in my opinion.

The instructions were to cut the stems in water... done

put a little bleach in the water in the vase... done

keep the flowers as far away from natural light as possible... done

And a week later, here is the result.

I expect my roses to last longer than a week, but maybe my expectations are unrealistic. Are they? But then, I got another MYM post from it!

For more MYM, go to Drowsey Monkey with this link.


  1. Hi Mimi!Why don't you try using aspirin instead of bleach.My roses last 10-12 days.Happy MYM!

  2. I can't give you any advices, my roses never last long either!
    Happy MYM!

  3. They do droop in such an artistic way, don't they? Pretty faded colors.

  4. Beautiful..gorgeous charm!

  5. Sometimes I dry the most beautiful roses, that way I have them forever.;)

  6. They say aspirin, a penny, .....
    I think it depends on the roses. My Hubs gets me some for 3.99 and I put nothing in them and they sometimes bud out beautifully.
    But, I'm so glad to see you snapped a picture of them not in their prime. I do that all the time because the color and the way they dry is awesome to me.
    I love the sherbert like color of these!

  7. Thanks for your comments.
    I binned them straight after taking these photos (pre-visitor clean-up!) and now I'm sorry that I did. Could have dried them...

  8. What a pretty color they are, even if a bit droopy.

    I put a bit of bleach and a small spoonful of sugar in the water.

    PS What glorious weather on the weekend, eh? (late afternoon tempests aside, especially as we were safely ensconced in a Howth pub by then!) Your brother and family lucked out :).

    It was really lovely meeting you last week. I'll have to send you the wonderful shot Jay took of the cathedral with the two very blurry women standing in front of it. Whoops.