Sunday, April 4, 2010

They're here! and Happy Easter!

The preparations for the visitors went OCD last week.

Freezers that weren't defrosted for a year (I'm not jokin, please don't send hygiene police to me!) were BOTH done this week.
And, even with the help of this great spray, the mess was unreal.. water all over the place, one drawer full of water tipped over,

narrowly missing this....

But what a feeling to have the job out of the way!
And the visitors have arrived, settled in, and have gone out to a dinosaur exhibition. We celebrate my sister-in-law's birthday this evening , and my niece will be 7 tomorrow.
So gotta go bake now!

Happy Easter to all who celebrate it! This is a shot of a flower stall on Dublin's Grafton Street yesterday, couldn't bear to hold it till Mellow Yellow Monday or Ruby Tuesday!


  1. Happy Easter to you and your family! Thanks for the flowers - they're so sunny and bright.

    Freezer defrosting, hmmm...not high on anyone's priority list. My son, the sous-chef, explained that a lot more fits in when the frost is gone. Really?

    Enjoy your visitors and being a 'tourist' at home. Hope your back is better.

  2. Happy Easter to you as well, the last picture collage is breathtaking.;)
    The man I love is from Ireland, so anyone from there has a special place in my heart.;)
    Thank you for taking the time to visit me after Hilary's nomination, that means a lot. I am sorry I am thanking you so late, I was on a blog break.;)
    Much love,

  3. Oh, those flowers are beautiful!!!!
    And I felt that little bit of shock when I saw the picture of your camera! I would DIE if anything happened to mine and it's not nearly as nice as yours.
    I hope you had a wonderful Easter as well. Sounds like you did quite a bit of partying yourself! I hope the birthday's went well!
    And I just may have to look into that spray, my fridge and freezer could use a good spring cleaning. :)

  4. Thanks for your comments.
    Stephanie- your sous-chef is so right- I am amazed how much more fits in the freezer now the frost has gone.
    Protege- Enjoy your break, and thanks for stopping by.
    Heidi- the camera that nearly "got it" is hubby's- mine is a much simpler affair. I occasionally post some of his pics, he takes some lovely bird ones.