Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Yard Art on Thursday

This might not, strictly speaking, qualify as Yard Art, but because it's funny (and because I've nothing else!) I'm hoping I can slip it in!

It doesn't look very fragile to me, what do you think?

For more Yard Art, or to add your own, go to Mary T who hosts this new meme.

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  1. Maybe someone really was being ironic. Kind of a guerilla art piece. They'll be chuffed that you've discovered it.

  2. There's layers and layers of that tape - what a waste. :)
    It is rather ironic. Great find Mimi!

    Thanks for the well wishes about my knee. I do appreciate it. :)

  3. What a riot! Good call to see it as yard art.

  4. Very funny and not very fragile, Mimi! Ha!

  5. Looks like a bunch of teens, with to much time to waste, had a very good time playing a practical joke.

    But, I love it. It was a wonderful capture.