Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ruby Tuesday

It's a while since we had a Dublin Pub photo, so here's a quick one that I took on the way home form work!

I like the stained glass in the window, and it does have touches of ruby, really it does!
Mart T hosts this fun meme, so head on over to her place by clicking on the ruby slippers at the top. There you will see some wonderful pictures, and you can add your own! Have fun!


  1. It's a beautiful picture with a tiny bit of red!

    My Ruby Tuesday

  2. Looks a very posh pub. I see the rubies...

    I didn't have time today for an RT photo.

  3. I saw the touches of red Mimi and what looks like a red light inside. Let's meet for a toast. :)
    You know there is a pub somewhere in Ireland with my maiden name on it. A friend was on vacation there and brought me back a photo. I'll have to look for it.

  4. I love this shot!!! I have to admit that I wouldn't have seen the red in the windows if you hadn't pointed it out though. They are beautiful! One day when I have my dream house I really, really want to have a stanined glass window somewhere that I can look at and admire. :)

  5. I would totally stop for a beer after work if we had a pub in my neighborhood that looked like this!

  6. That looks really characteristic. I also love your easter egg tree in the previous post.

    Love CJ xx

  7. I just love stained glass and the pub looks full of character. I expect it gets filled with characters too, during a busy weekend!

    Nuts in May

  8. I haven't been inside this pub- maybe we should all meet there for a pint of Guinness!
    Thanks for your comments!

  9. I have never been in Dublin, but I have been in 61 pubs in London over about 10 years, to draw people in there, I loved it ! My son was living in London for 10 years.