Monday, April 26, 2010

That Birthday Post

This is now a week overdue, but I'll explain in a minute.

But first, Happy Birthday Naoise. From the moment you came into our lives, 18 years ago, you have brought us to unbelievable heights, taught us so much and given us so much joy. The moment I set eyes on you, I fell totally in love with you, beyond anything I have ever experienced before. (Actually, I was already in love with you, I just didn't know what you looked like). It's like the "turbo" of my heart- it's a different gear to anything else. We've had some wonderful times together, and even during challenging times it has been an honour to be your mother. Great adventures await you as you embark on adulthood, but know that I will always be here if you ever need me. I love you with all my heart, and I always will.

The cake- it's a chocolate biscuit cake, but dairy free, as Naoise is vegan. I managed to get dairy-free digestives in Lidl, and the rest is dark chocolate, dairy-free spread and golden syrup. The flowers are made from sugar paste, and the sweets are a dairy-free version of smarties. There are some dark chocolate mini-buttons there too. To top it, I got red glitter in our local baking supplies shop. The cake was delicious!

It has been a difficult week. My close friend's daughter is sick. She has a condition called Neurofibromatosis and she needed surgery 4 weeks ago to deal with a scoliosis on her spine. Her recovery hasn't gone well, and it's really difficult to be far away from them- they live in Brussels. If they were here, I would drop in with a casserole for dinner, or do some ironing, or whatever. But, from here, there's very little I can do, and that is frustrating. We've been sending them Reiki, and they find that helpful.

So, if you pray, would you please include this little girl in your prayers. Or if you do Reiki, please send them some.


  1. Prayers for your friend's daughter. How difficult to feel so helpless in this situation.

    It's easy to see how a birthday celebration could get shoved down the list. Kudos to you for pulling out all the stops on a marvellous birthday cake. It is so pretty with all those sugar flowers. You may feel like the lucky Mom but she's lucky too, to have a Mom who takes such pains to respect her daughter. Very sweet post.

  2. Happy birthday to your daughter, a lovely tribute...

    I truly hope that things change for your friends daughter and that the road to recovery is not too long.

  3. It's so hard to be far from friends when they need you most. I'll hold their daughter close in my heart as well.

    Beautiful cake, and big kudos on figuring out how to make it vegan.

  4. Beautiful cake. I would like that as I love dark chocolate.

    Hope the little girl will improve. She sounds like she has been through a lot. Just as well children are resilient.
    You have a heart of gold, Mimi!

    Nuts in May

  5. Happy birthday to your daughter and all the best for the future. Our prayers go for your friend's daughter. God bless all of us.

  6. What a FABULOUS cake!! Happy Birthday to your daughter ~ mine will be 18 in September. What a milestone!!

    Sendng prayers and healing thoughts for your friend and her daughter. It is so hard when children are ill.

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