Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Socks, and needing advice.

finished my first pair of socks!

The pattern is Wise Hildas Basic Ribbed Sock, and it's on Ravelry. I think I got the lead form Jane at WT knits. I loved knitting them, though they turned out bigger than I expected- I had too-big needles, (and on looking for the link I've discovered these are for men! though there is a women version) but they are so soft!

As soon as they were finished, I thought of the perfect recipient for them. Someone who may be relaxing from time to time, someone who needs to be pampered, and who could use tactile luxury. I sent them to Ais, hoping that she'll wear them when she's relaxing between physio sessions, or on her weekends at home.

Now to a dilemma I've been ignoring for more than a couple of years.

This is a really beautiful pattern, and the cables were intricate, but you know that feeling when you keep knitting something even though you know it's not quite right? Yes, too big, much too big, but don't want to rip it and start again.

What would you do?

Lovely visitor

Spotted this little guy Saturday morning on a sage leaf.

these photos are taken by hubby, you probably can tell that they're not my usual quality!

I love this last one, "let's see what's up this path".

Fruits, Mother's Day Gifts and Power Cuts, among other things!

It's been a busy week for the kids with music exams and Leaving Cert language orals for eldest daughter.

Last Sunday was Mother's Day here, and I got the most lovely gifts, useful too!

This one was from Eldest Girl, that green shoot in the background will produce blackberries.

And this one is from Middle Girl, a companion for my other blueberry bush. I had 2 last year, but one died off, and everyone needs a companion, right?.

This is what Son made for me, when I saw it I thought "what a lovely poster" but then I read the text, it's not over yet, I have some lessons coming up. (when I find time!), so expect great things on this blog from now on!.

Middle Girl's band were playing in a fundraising concert in a local church Friday night, but there was a power cut, so they played by candlelight, though some of them were more or less in the dark.
This photo doesn't really show quite how dark it was, but one girl practically had her nose on the music sheet trying to see!

They are such amazing young people, didn't complain, just got on with it. I really admired that, and learned from it. I have found that it takes very little to upset me before I play, and it's something I've wanted to change, so seeing them just get on with it in a "we're here to play, we'll play" kind of way, has helped me a lot.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Swans in the City

I'm so far behind with planned blog posts! I have a couple of knitting ones in my head, some photos taken to go with them, but just haven't either time or access to laptop to get them posted.

In the meantime, these are some from a children's art competition in our local shopping centre last week. The theme was "Swans in the City"- the Swan (shopping)Centre is close to the Canal, where swans swim all the time. I think they're beautifully creative. The textures in the one below appealed to me, and the artist incorporated names of shops from the centre.

I particularly like this one, by a 10 year old girl.

The idea of swans even thinking about clocks or time is novel!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Clockwise Contrasts in Howth

We went for a walk in Howth on Saturday, and couldn't believe the contrast in the sky surrounding us! Standing in the same spot on the pier, just by doing a 360 degree turn, I got all these different images. Not sure if you'll agree with me, but I think some of them could easily be in different countries! So, to start, not a great looking image, swirling dark clouds are not what you like when you're about to walk down a pier!

looks as though it's about to start raining, doesn't it? no, not a day for walking on the pier...but hey, are they bits of blue I see towards the right hand side?

still lots of clouds, but looking more hopeful

this looks like a nicer vista, yes, we could continue with this walk under this blue sky..

surely this can't be the same place? Was I spirited to a Mediterranean country?

are these clouds billowing in this lovely blueness? No, please don't let it rain!

not quite so blue now

and finally, back to cloudy again. That's Ireland for you, those clouds are never far away!
We did get a little walk without any rain! Phew!