Monday, April 22, 2013

Concert Hall

It was everything I ever thought it would be, and so much more...
I took this picture as I went in; so amused at going in the stage door!!

We had an hour of rehearsal and sound checks, then a break before the concert started. We were opening the second half of the concert, so were free to do as we pleased until a little before that. We went for a bite to eat, then a fellow Horn player and myself got "usher" seats at the back for the first half. It was so good, and we sang so much that I almost forgot we would soon be playing! All of the songs were Golden Oldies (Abba, Elvis, Diana Ross, and songs like New York New York). We sang, danced, applauded.
                      (at the end of rehearsal, just to prove to myself that it really did happen!)
And then, before I knew it, we were doing our tuning out back! I really had to contain my excitement and boy could I feel the adrenaline rush. I have been backstage in that hall several times as a band helper when my kids were playing, and each time I've wished I could also be playing on that stage.

I don't have the words to describe how it felt to walk onto the stage. It was amazing!
Bright lights, and seeing a packed concert hall, eagerly anticipating our music is very powerful. Knowing that my entire family were in the audience, and several friends too, meant so much to me. I wasn't nervous, just wanted to give a good performance.
                                            (Hubby was nearly thrown out for taking this!)
We got a great reception! The pieces we played were all well-known, including Riverdance, The Sunday Game(that's an Irish one!), Radetsky March.
Then the orchestra and choir joined us on stage for a grand finale of Hey Jude. I swear, I thought I would burst with emotion!
 It's such a beautiful venue to play in, and to have a lively, appreciative audience was amazing. I will never forget this night; dreams really do come true sometimes!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

What a week!

Rollercoaster would best describe it.

I was in Limerick at the weekend with the band, at the National Band Championships.
And still reeling from the shock: I won a prize for my playing! I was so shocked, in fact, that I didn't realise they were talking about me (they announce the winning "section", but I was the only person in that section). I just sat there waiting for someone else to collect the trophy....yes, a Trophy! First time I've ever won anything like that!

We had a night of partying, as the band won a total of 4 prizes! They really know how to party, young and old. We had so much fun! Danced and laughed the night away!
On Sunday, I got news of the death of a friend. Cathy had been ill for 5 years, with a cruel illness called MSA. It's a form of Parkinsons. She was 50 in February. She was a most beautiful, vibrant, fun-loving, kind lady, with gorgeous Irish red hair. I am so sad that we will never laugh together again.

Tomorrow night, the band is playing in the National Concert Hall.
When I began playing French Horn 7 years ago (really? how did that time go so quickly!), I put my dream up in the sky, with the stars. The dream was to one day play in our National Concert Hall.

I am so excited!
Will be back with photos, I promise! The photos in this post were taken 2 weeks ago with my iphone during a walk in the park. Even though it was cold, the flowers decided to push through with spring. The weather was better in the last couple of days, just hope it lasts.