Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Where do I begin? This blog has gone to seed

Tried to get a post in before a month had gone by. Failed.
Life has been hectic, even a bit chaotic. I began a few posts, but abandoned them before I could even hit the "post" button. Then Blogger wouldn't let me post this, so I had to type in all in again.After a look around, i'm now on Firefox instead of IE. Here goes...
Enough excuses.
Another school year is over here, and school year end is always hectic. This one was no different, exams, corrections, reports, graduations, prep for state exams. It all just takes over, in the same way that Christmas shopping and cooking take over. A couple of late nights getting corrections finished, but got there in the end.
And we've had state exams in this house too. One Leaving Cert and one Junior Cert. Our lives have become a "who's on this morning and at what time", 2 timetables permanently on the kitchen counter, days being ticked off. Some exams start at different times to others, you have to be constantly on your toes! In fairness to Son, he was willing to make his own way home most days, which was a big help.
And Middle Daughter had a job! Attendant at the exams, which involved making tea for the Superintendent and bring candidates to the toilet. She loved it!
It seems an eternity since I was posting about my own French Horn exam. Thanks for all the good wishes. I'm glad to say that it all went well, and I'm thrilled with my result. The accompanist was wonderful, and the experience of rehearsing with her in the Peppercanister Church was amazing!
We've had an 18th Birthday in the house too! And a party! Lots of fun.
So, Happy 18th Birthday, Zoe. I'm so lucky to be your Mom, and even though I knew that from the first time you were placed in my arms, I have been reminded of it many times since then. You were so tiny and so vulnerable in those first days that I wondered if you would survive at all.
Survive you did! And you thrived. You have grown into a confident, capable young woman; you are willing to take on a challenge and see it through to the end. You have had some fantastic experiences through your school years, and they're not over yet! You have loads of friends, from many different groupings, and they all love you to bits. You love to travel (where did you get that from ?) but you're also happy at home. You are trustworthy, reliable, fun to be around, calm, witty, intelligent, hard-working, adventurous, kind. I hope I haven't forgotten anything here.
Most of all, you're Zoe. We all love you so much.