Sunday, September 18, 2011

Summer Stock Sunday

I'm so glad to have made it back in time for the last Summer Stock Sunday of 2011! Many thanks to Robin for hosting this fun challenge; I've really enjoyed taking part, both posting and looking at other participants' photos.

Yes, I've been away again, this time on a school trip to Spain. Brilliant but exhausting!

But these photos are from the trip that Hubby and I took to Tuscany in July.
Our last day, we found a restaurant that Tripadvisor recommended highly; a family-run place where everything is made from scratch. I don't normally eat pasta but I'm so glad I tried theirs, and even though the colours of the food here look a bit dull, the taste was fantastic!Tripadvisor has got some very bad press recently, but I still go there for ideas, and it works for me.

The final two photos was on the roof of the restaurant's terrace- cute!

It's been a great summer, many memorable moments. We're well into Autumn here in Dublin- storms (which we missed, thanks to school trip!), wind and cold. Winter coming roaring in, but each day now brings us closer to next summer.

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