Monday, February 3, 2014

Random Stuff and big news!

Well 2014 has got off to a whirlwind start! I can't believe January is already over.
New conductor in band, busy in school, trying to get organise a bathroom renovation (it's been 17 years!) and then the usual bits and, kids, etc.
I've a few photos that I want to share, been meaning to put these up for quite a while. This first one is the driveway in to the place where we have our orchestra rehearsal. It does my heart good every time I drive in here!
 This is the road that leads up to that driveway,  I think it looks like a tunnel ahead! It often has potholes so one has to drive very carefully!
And I have some very exciting news! Eldest daughter applied in her college for an exchange programme for next October, and she has got a place in .....TOKYO!
I am going to miss her soooooo much, but I am excited for her. Such an opportunity!

This last photo is a pub in Dublin that I pass on my way home from work...never been in there but it looks lovely, a good combination- music and pub!
 Hope everyone is keeping well, I'm off to visit y'all now!