Thursday, October 15, 2009

My feet are killing me!

Just a quick update on the Willow Manor Ball.

What a night! We drank lots of champagne, we danced, we ate, we ditched high heels, though not early enough to avoid sore feet. Just look at the state of them- I'm putting those heels on ebay!

The Manor looked splendid, and Willow was a fabulous hostess. She even had a door prize, which was really very generous. The Ball is definitely a date for my diary for next year.

Colin was very badly behaved, kept disappearing, and eventually I found out why!
He had "escorted" not just me but 2 other women also.
Now, Colin is just a friend, but I've told him that if he ever does something like that again, I will not bring him to another Ball. He has promised.
Some friends dropped in for a "Hair of the Dog" today- here it is.

And now, very tired, I bid you good night. Back to normal in a day or two.


  1. Those beautiful slippers must have been made of glass after all.

  2. You didn't leave a glass slipper behind, did you?
    I did take a peak in Willow Manor...... but I wasn't dressed properly!

    Nuts in May

  3. Yikes! Sore toes are never fun... but they're usually the result of a good night, aren't they? Ah, the prices we women folk pay. :)

  4. What a gorgeous dress you had and the shoes were perfect. Except for the sore toes. Did you really get to go to a ball?! That would be so much fun. I have always wanted to.
    Hope you have a few days to recover!
    Thanks for visiting me today!

  5. What a perfect follow up post to the ball!
    I love it!

  6. I`m back in my gum boots, which is a relief, but oh Mimi, no matter what price you have to pay now, you looked dreamlike in your dress and heels!
    Let`s meet again next year! By the way, I just met you at Lola`s kitchen table. Isn`t she a delight to know? Bringing us all together, much like Willow.
    Only I don`t like garlic, but at least, no vampires in her kitchen!

  7. Must catch that ball next year! Hope you sorted your date out nicely, the cheek of him!