Sunday, January 10, 2010

What's seldom is wonderful!

We're still having snow! It's not melting like it usually does, it's sticking and it's snowing more (in bucketloads!).

I just have to share these photos with you, my friends, from the walk that Hubby and I took this morning in our local park.

The first one is children having fun sliding down the hill, the lake below is frozen at the sides, children were walking on it. Unheard of in this country!
Somebody told me that election posters were being made into great toboggans!

I wish I knew how to take and upload a video clip, because the noise was amazing, just screeches of laughter!

It reminded me so much of 3o'clock in St. Johann, when everyone comes down the mountain, and it's all just sliding around and having fun. I love how families have come out together to enjoy this rare event.

Then we went for a walk in the woods, and again, I felt I had to pinch myself and keep telling myself that this is Ireland!
This robin played a game with us, hopping from branch to branch. I wasn't sure if he was showing off, or teasing us!

We walked and walked! I could walk forever in this, completely losing track of where I am and of time. That, to me, is wonderful, takes me to a place outside myself and makes me remember what a small creature I am in the universe.

Can you see the robin in this next one? Click to enlarge..

Some pictures are Hubby's, some are mine. No prize for guessing which belong to whom.

And it's still snowing some more!

Tonight we made a snowman in our own garden, I'll post some photos of this tomorrow. It's so weird having confidence that the snowman will still be there, no melting! It's like birthday and Christmas and a ski holiday all rolled into one, only better, cos we have our home comforts too!

And for all of that, and the health to enjoy it, I am very grateful.

Thank you Lord!


  1. They look just like greeting cards!

  2. It seems like everyone all over is getting more snow and colder weather than usual.
    Everyone seems to complain about it. It's nice to hear how much joy you get out of the snow. :-)

  3. It's so fun to see you enjoying this so much. The photos are beautiful.

  4. Gorgeous photos once again. :) It must be so amazing for children and adults alike to experience this winter wonderland. It's so beautiful! Can't wait to see your snowman pictures. :)

  5. Lovely photos, Mimi! I agree with Robin...I'm getting so much more joy from watching your pleasure than I ever would with snow here. Enjoy it while it lasts!

  6. I can almost'hear' the excitement in your 'voice'....
    I love all the color in the first sledding shot and that last bird shot is WOW!

  7. That was a very inspiring post Mimi! Your pictures are so beautiful, and peaceful. I love the one of the bird in the tree. His lovely red breast shows so vividly against the white snow.
    What a wonderful way to spend a snowy winter morning. Thanks for sharing your outing with us!

    I have an award for you on my blog if you'd like to stop by tomorrow! :)

  8. eek! so beautiful, looks like so much fun!

  9. hi Mimi - so nice to "meet" you -thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on my posts (and even some of my older ones!wow.) i've written about robins, too, several times. the robins in ireland are smaller than our Canadian ones, but just as beautiful. so lovely! In Celtic mythology, birds were considered messengers. Wonder what she was trying to tell you? ;) happy 2010!

  10. p.s. i can help you about posting a video if you like?

  11. I am going on a snowy walk to the beach now! Will take my camer along, too! What a lovely post that was, I loved the robin. He was probably showing off his trees to you. I will build a snow car today. Maybe a truck, because there weren`t enough ploughs and trucks here this last weekend! Cheers from snowy Germany!

  12. Ah, it's lovely how that little robin was so fascinated by you, especially as there must have been lots of people out and about that day. I laughed at a sign in our local pound shop the other day, the shops had already sold out of sledges and there was a large plastic tray (the sort you would put a lot of buffet sandwiches on to) in the window of this shop with a sign on "makes a great make-shift sledge". Genious!