Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Behind the parade

I haven't been to the St. Patrick's Day parade in Dublin for several years, but today was different. I had agreed to take part in this "sideshow"- an 80 metre Stiletto Heel Dash down O'Connell Street just before the official parade - in aid of the Marie Keating Foundation. Marie was mother of Ronan Keating of Boyzone, and when she died of breast cancer, the family started the charity.

What a laugh! I can't even WALK in stilettos, and the heel had to be 3". I was terrified I'd get trampled on, but it was fine. Here we are, in our heels- that's me with one orange and one green! There was a prize for the most outrageous shoes (€1000 voucher for M&S)- I didn't win! The 2 different colours happened by mistake- shoes are belonging to daughter, who couldn't find the match of either this morning, so I just grabbed and ran!

If you don't like green or St Patrick's Day, close the window now.

Translation here is "Kiss my A**"! Hope I haven't offended anyone, I didn't even see the older boy when I was taking the photo of the cute little one, but when I loaded it onto the computer, there he was!

Now this is what I call a head!

The railings of Trinity College were good for a bit of extra height!

This restaurant wasn't quite ready on time.

What a vantage point- the 2nd floor window of a hotel! No idea how they climbed up, but they were happy to pose.

These girls were painting shamrocks on faces, in return for a donation for their (education)charity. I'm all for that!

Aren't these guys just so cute?

These ladies were all smiles!

I really liked the head gear these girls were wearing. The building in the background is a former bank, now a hotel.

And some people wore flags

The parade has definitely improved since my last time there- it was well organised, and everybody was in good humour.
And the sun shone, which usually doesn't happen either!


  1. Wow...... its all happening over your way.
    I LOVE that bottom! Ha Ha!
    Maybe I should get a green wig.

    Nuts in May

  2. I can't believe you didn't notice the young fellow's bottom! Too funny. And your shoes are most appropriately colored for an accidental match. Love all these pictures...glad you had to be there.

  3. OH Mimi, I love your post! My Irish eyes are definitely smiling!!!
    What a great way to start the parade and I really think you should have one for those heels - cool!
    Uh, seems like the 'kiss a**' shorts were a big hit by a few. :)
    I want an Irish flag wig - love it.
    Hope you had a great day!
    Irish Blessings my friend!

  4. What a Hoot! and sounds like a fabulous day of celebrating!

  5. Now that was a St. Patrick's Day celebration!!! It made my sad little parade with it's two floats look, well, boring.
    I LOVED the stilleto dash, what a creative way to do a donation. And I loved your two different shoes.
    Looks like some great pictures came from a great day!!!!
    I really wish I could have been there with you, it would have been fun!!!!

  6. I do have to ask though. What is the deal with the butt hanging out of the Ireland boxers?

  7. What a fun parade - those butt cheeks cracked me up (hey, I made a pun!).

    Only two weeks now till we're in Dublin, I can't wait!

  8. Thanks eveyone for your lovely comments.I thought the post was going to be too long and boring, that's why I put the bit about closing the window. Glad I was wrong!
    Heidi, if you enlarge the photo, it's more clear!Really.

  9. Thank you for visiting my blog and leave a comment. Your blog is beautiful. The post is excellent and the pictures are gorgeous. Need your e-mail please. Kind regards, Philip

  10. Great parade! One day I hope to visit Dublin, Mimi! :)

  11. Wow..what a Fabulous post...full of such life..color..magic and great fun!! Wish i was there! Thanks for sharing this spectacular adventure!

  12. Great pictures :0) Looks like it was a fab day... I can't believe you didn't get the shoe prize, you were robbed! ;0)

  13. What a wonderful day, so impressed you participated in the stilletto heel run. That had to be the idea of a man. You were robbed, because not only were you outrageous with two different shoes, it is much harder to run in shoes that are completely different designs.

    Now why didn't I come up with the idea of a** pants? I thought Cher had already "uncovered that in one of her music videos. I will say they are quite realistic looking.

    Thanks for visitng me and I'm so glad I came by to get a laugh and see how Ireland does her Holiday justice.


  14. I await your yard art posting over the nxt two weeks... :)

  15. Thank you, everyone, for your comments.

  16. Mimi, glad you liked Maxine! Thanks for posting! :)