Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter! with egg platter

I hope everyone who celebrates it is having a lovely Easter, lots of eggs etc!
I'm one week into Easter holidays and it's just bliss! Had lunch with friends, went to visit my sister, and caught up with her, my brother, niece and a few friends over a lovely dinner.
And today we met Hubby's sister for lunch. It's their first Easter without their Mum, and we thought it would be nice to get together. We had a lovely meal, in "The Purple Onion", half-way between us, so not too long a journey for anyone.
2nd Daughter came with us, which was fun. The Purple Onion is close to my home town, so I gave Daughter a guided tour of my childhood home town; she was not very interested!

Last night, I made a couple of Easter treats for Eldest (vegan) Daughter.

These truffles are so easy, and quite healthy too! You just match the weight of chocolate with a little less in mls of this oat cream. I used 30g chocolate to about 20ml cream, which made a few truffles to go around the egg, pictured above.
Heat the cream, break the chocolate into little pieces and add into the cream, mix& refridgerate for half an hour.
Then make into little balls - I used a melon baller I've had from about 25 years ago when melon balls in Creme de Menthe was a fashionable starter. Does anyone remember this starter?Then you roll the chocolate truffle balls in the coating of your choice- icing sugar, cocoa powder, chopped nuts. Easy! Delicious!

Finished platter:I'm practising a lot now for next weekend's Band Championships, trying to improve my play and reach a stage where I'm playing most of the part. I was supposed to have someone else playing the part with me, but now I'm on my own on 4th horn, agh! at one point I'm the only horn playing, so I have to get that bit right.
I have planned to upload an audio or video of the music from The Sound of Music, in the next few days. Just need a few minutes to get it in the right format!


  1. Luscious looking chocs. And such an easy recipe...amazing!

    Looking forward to the music :)

  2. How nice that you made an Easter treat for your vegan daughter. Baking vegan is quite a challenge! Good luck on the band championships.

  3. It's late at night here so a chocolate treat would not be in order at this hour but these look so tempting!
    You'll do fine with the band Mimi - stop worrying. :)
    Go and have a ball!

  4. those look dangerous! ;-) hope you had a good Easter!

  5. YUM!!! Good luck with The Sound of Music. That's awesome that you're doing that. XOXO

  6. Good Luck with the music.
    Those chocolate truffle balls look delicious.
    Hoping you had a very Happy Easter.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  7. You've been busy! It all sounds like wonderful fun. Those truffles look delicious. YUM. My weakness is chocolate.

    Best of luck with the music you're practicing!!

  8. What a marvelous feat to do a one-person play. That would be so rewarding and a lot of fun ...... when you have that creative talent. And you have it.

  9. Hi Mimi! Just wanted to thank you so much for coming by my blog the other day and for your very kind comments! I can't leave this post just quite yet. The Chocolate! Ooooooooooo!