Friday, June 15, 2012

Garden and Nature

My poor garden!
Last weekend, I finally tackled the flower bed at the end of the garden, so, for shame, I'm posting pictures of the state it was in! Or does it look like a healthy herb garden/wildflower garden?

These poor plants were being strangled by the weeds! They were crying out for some TLC.

I only got half of it done, postponing the rest but because of awful weather here, that second bit is still not done. It's been cold, wet and wintry here all week, so bad we even lit a fire last night! In June!
I uncovered this little gem when I cleared the weeds:
 It barely looks like one, but it is a rose!

Does anyone know what the next plant is called? I think I will plant lots of it in the hope that it will keep out the weeds. It seems to just grow and grow, effortlessly.

And finally, one morning in May, as I was driving to work, I had to stop to admire this family of ducks! I love that part of my drive to work; it's such a lovely way to start the day, affirming a connection with nature.


  1. Your carnations and your rose appreciate your hard work I'm sure! I hope you get some sunshine soon so they can stretch out and grow. I'm sorry I have no idea about that purple flowering plant but it certainly is pretty.

  2. I don't know what that blue plant is...but it is lovely as is your uncovered rose.

  3. I grow weeds far better than actual wanted plants as well. No idea what your purple flowers are but they're lovely.

  4. The blue flower is a Campanula & I have it in my garden and wrote a post about it not too long ago.
    The weather is atrocious over here too and the fact that it is the longest day soon and that we are experiencing winter in June, is quite depressing.
    maggie X

    Nuts in May

  5. Oh, yes! Campanula is a wonderful ground cover. Since we share your lovely - and well-watered climate - I know it will do well for you. Easy to divide and transplant. We have white ones too.

    Sadly, we still have to complete the buttercup removal task. Guess what? It started to rain before we were finished.

  6. The campanula is the blue flower, and it will grow like heck once established. The difficulty will be keeping it down. It can get a big leggy and unsightly when it is not flowering, so it's worth keeping it under. The rose is very pretty.

  7. Wow, a fire in JUNE? That's unheard of around these parts! :) I don't what that flower is called, but it looks pretty!

  8. You aren't alone in garden neglect land. I'm guilty, too.

  9. Oh, I'm terrible with plants!! LOVE your little rose!

  10. Dear Mimi, the weather has been terrible here too, pure fall!! It is cold, rainy and dark.:((
    The blue flower is a lovely perennial called Campanula. I had it too growing at my white house.;) It thrives in sunny spots and grows best on rocks.;))
    Have a great week and thank you for your recent visit and kind words.;))

  11. This weather certainly isn't helping gardeners is it. My garden is looking quite forlorn of late though I don't profess to being green fingered. I must pop to the garden center soon and get some potting plants to brighten the place up.

    CJ x

  12. That blue-purple flower is amazing. That's one of my favorite colors! Hope you get good weather soon so you can finish your garden. (I won't be posting any pics of mine this year. It's still a big pile of dirt.)

  13. You have a lot of rain, we don't get enough. :)
    Love the little rose
    I'm glad someone had the ID for the purple blooms - so lovely with a deep rich color.
    Happy gardening Mimi!