Monday, August 6, 2012

Bratislava and Vienna 3 (and final!)

Just want to finish off the account of this trip before I start on the London one! This is the statue of Stalin in Bratislava. It's huge!

And another of the "street statues"; this one was human! I can't imagine how he balanced on that all day.

There were so many beautiful buildings in Vienna. The church below was one of many, one more gorgeous than the next.
 On the bus tour, we passed by this Fair, I love the colours!

Another stunning church!

 Bratislava had some great graffiti. This was visible from the boat trip to Vienna.
 There were also some fine houses along the route of the boat trip.
 And finally, some fun! This was at the bridge at the entrance to Bratislava. What a view they have (not real people!)


  1. Simply gorgeous. But I want the core strength of the man balancing :)!

  2. Those churches are really soaring to heaven! I think I would feel very small and humble inside such magnificent structures. That was probably one of the goals.

    You've shown us the differences but also the deep similarities there among all of us humans. Can't wait for London.

  3. What a gorgeous trip! How fun!

    And I just read your post about the person in orchestra who was difficult to get along with. I hate head-on conflict, too. Horrible. I hope everything is continuing to go well with that ... in other words, I hope she stays away! ha ha!