Sunday, September 8, 2013

Don't know where to start, but here goes..

It ironic that I hadn't time all summer to write a post, barely had time to comment, and now that school's back, and band's back, found time! So much to catch up on, better make a start.

Hubby and I had a lovely Italian holiday in June. We had a Silver Wedding anniversary, and coincidentally our flight was that day, and even better, there was a performance of Aida in the Arena in Verona. Yippee! Got a train from Milan to Verona.
It was very little extra to go 1st class, so we did, and free Prosecco was included! yay for Italian trains!
What better annniversary food than pizza. Delicious!
This is where our luck ran out.
As we began to eat our food, the rain began, and did not stop all night.

There was water running down the street, like a little stream.

There was great debate as to whether the opera would begin, and we got all the detail: if it doesn't start, you get a refund, but sometimes it starts, stops a few minutes later, maybe restarts, and so on. In this case, no refund!
We made our way over to the Arena, which was full of excitement, people wondering if it would start.
We waited half an hour, but the rain showed no sign of letting up, so we went back to our hotel.
Next morning, the sun was shining again. The opera had not started. Wise decision to go home!
To be continued....
I'm not sure what Blogger is doing to my pics, will try to rectify this tomorrow!


  1. Oh, that was a mixed bag and no mistake. Is the arena open air? I am guessing so. Bummer. I wouldn't expect rain this early in the year - I am really sorry it didn't work out, but hope your celebrations weren't totally wrecked

  2. Lovely to see you. What strange weather we've all been having. Too bad about the opera. I haven't been around at all and so missed this post for a few days.