Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I meant to give details about those dairy-free chocolates.

Pig in the Kitchen blogspot is where the recipe is from, and they are called "Chocolate Orange Truffles for the Girls". Her recipes are delicious, I've made a few of them, and her stories are very entertaining. I left out the orange (see below) and the recipe still worked fine. Or you could try the Apricot Running Truffles..I haven't tried them yet, maybe tomorrow.

Incidentally, I never eat chocolate and orange together, it makes me nauseous because of something that happened when I was 7 yrs old! We were doing a "tour" of our relatives around my father's native Monaghan and Armagh (Northern Ireland). At the time, N.I was distinctly separated from the South, with different currency and lots of things that were unavailable in the South.

One of these things was Jaffa Cakes. So, with the money I got from my grand-aunt, I indulged in the delicacies of Armagh shopping. A full packet of Jaffa Cakes, all to myself!

The 3-hour car journey home combined with my gluttony was not a good combination. And to this day, I do not eat chocolate and orange together. Even the sight of a Terrys Chocolate Orange is revolting to me, and the smell would definitely set me off. As far as I'm concerned, Terry can have it all to himself.

Funny how, all these years on, my brain and my nose still remember!


  1. I did exactly the same with mint chocolates! After Eight mints are no longer my friend.

  2. My car/chocolate story involves a long winding road and a chocolate milkshake when I was about 12. Needless to say, I can't face them at all. It did not, however, put me off chocolate! I'm looking up those recipes.

  3. How strange, Jaffa Cakes were also my undoing. I ate a full box one day (long ago and greedy) and like you I feel poorly even just smelling them.

  4. I'm beginning to wonder if everyone has got a chocolate story- "the undoing of me with..."?
    Would be an interesting meme, wouldn't it?
    Thanks for your comments, m

  5. All chocolate is good!! I will not turn any of it away. Godiva is my favorite.