Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Missing him like crazy.

My boy has gone off to a 3-week residential summer camp. He headed off on Sunday, all excited, with two bags.He doesn't know anyone else doing this particular camp- it's on novel writing, not football, so I suppose that explains that.

I dropped him off, and got him settled into his room- his room-mate's stuff was on the bed but the roomie was nowhere to be found. Looking around, most of the kids there seemed to be much older than him, and it was a bit daunting. He's just turned 13. Before I left, he realised that he hadn't charged his Sony Reader, so nothing available on that, and he hadn't brought any books because of the Sony. Also, he had only packed 3 pairs of socks!

So, as it's only a short drive away, and I'm not doing too much these days, I agreed to bring over his stuff. Went over today and dropped it off at the office for him. I got the following text tonight "Just had fire drill. Where's the office?", to which I replied "Hard to describe. Ask someone or ring me and I'll tell you". The reply "K". I take it that he's enjoying himself.

I miss him like crazy. It's as though a part of me is missing. The house has a totally different vibe with just the girls- quiet, very quiet, and too predictable. This morning I opened the spare fridge to find a bowl of pancake dough that he'd made on Sunday- I nearly cried! He loves cooking (well, baking mostly) and it's something that we do a good bit together. I realised that he is much more interactive with us than the girls are, but I'm not sure if that's a boy thing, his personality, or his age. Maybe a bit of all those. In the meantime, I find myself wandering round like a lost soul. What'll it be like when he moves out for good? I hope I won't be one of those "clingy" mothers!

He has the option to come home for the weekend, but hasn't yet decided if he will. I hope he decides to, but not out of not liking the camp...is that too much to ask for?


  1. Hope your son enjoys camp. A writing camp sounds really cool. You mention that he likes to cook. My son (the sous-chef) also liked to bake - and write when he was younger. I'm sure he has a novel in him. I'm going to encourage him to visit Ireland. I can see him falling in love with your country. Cooks can work anywhere, I'm told.

    Two weeks will go pretty fast...it's harder when they leave home for good.

  2. Had a call from him today, he's coming for one night! And seems to like it.
    Do encourage your son to visit Ireland, and in particular Ballymaloe House in Cork- look it up! Maybe the novel will follow the visit!