Sunday, July 19, 2009

He came home!

So, I got a text from the Boy on Thursday night, short and to the point- "I'm coming home sat at 12". I couldn't wait to see him! And to hear all his news.

It put me thinking of how it was for my Mum when I was at boarding school. I went when I was 11, and loved it from day one. I clearly remember how thrilled she would be to see me and how she'd have saved up all the news to tell me. I would have zero interest in most of what she was telling me, news of neighbours and relatives, but of course I would listen politely while she recounted these tales (sometimes more than once, at which point I would intervene with "Ma, you already told me that!", wondering how on earth she couldn't remember that she had ).

What goes around comes around, and today at 12 noon was my turn! I was so excited going to collect him, but in my case I wanted to hear all his stuff. However, you have to be careful with teenagers not to crowd them in, so I held back and let him lead the conversation.

3 useful snippets that I got were:
1. Thursday is dressing gown day, when they wear dressing gowns over their clothes.
2. They played a game that involved throwing a sock filled with peanuts up in the air and seeing who could catch it.
3. They did a mock of the Late Late Toy Show last night that involved making a toy from cardboard and tinfoil, standing on stage and dramatising the toy's attractions to the audience. Most of them did robots.
Sounds like fun!

Hubby brought them to Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (which, incidentally, seems to be the main reason why he came home!). He (the Boy, not the Hubby) was not impressed with a boy in the row in front of him, who talked loudly to his mother during the film. He said "ssh"- no response, then "SSSSH"- still no response, so he then gave the seat a little kick.
That worked!


  1. Kicking the seat is a necessary move when someone talks through Harry Potter!! :0))

  2. It definitely sounds like a fun camp! I'm still on the peanut-filled sock game...imagining how that works.