Thursday, July 9, 2009

Concert Pictures,at last!

Magnificent backdrop of Marlay Park, last May.
This is the Tuba section, including my daughter, that would be she with the long hair!

Here's the French Horn section. I'm third in, between the girl with the white hairband and the girl with the blue bobbin.

This one is of the band, with a little of the audience and backdrop of Marlay Park.

All pictures were taken by my hubbie,Heofinfinitepatience.
Just posting them has brought back happy memories of a wonderful day, hope you enjoy them.
I'll hold the second instalment of the holiday till tomorrow, was too excited about learning to add pictures to hold them off.

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  1. Great pictures. Your daughter is very talented to get to play in a band. Oooo Mimi I'm glad you got pleasure out of loading the pictures on here. I always found and still find that each new thing is like a small triumph.