Thursday, July 30, 2009

Will you miss us?

Had an interesting conversation with my two girls today.

Them: "You know the way you miss M while he's at his camp?"
Them: "It doesn't fit in with your plans to kick up your heels, have lots of fun and travel when we all leave home.We think that in reality you'll be really lonely and miss us like crazy. We also think that you'll be driving us crazy looking for grand-children."

Then tonight, I picked up Sunday's newspaper, and there was an article on precisely that topic! The writer said, in relation to her 18 year-old "I adore every molecule in her body, and while I will always be there for her, after 18 years hard labour (gladly given) I am also happy that my life will soon be my own again."

I agree. With the Boy being only 13, I've a bit to go yet, but I am looking forward to that freedom when it comes.
I don't think I'll be at all short of ideas on what to do with my time, places to go, things to far as I'm concerned, the world is my oyster. I don't intend to be sitting at home missing them, I intend to be all over the world! Yes, I will miss their views, their energy, their fresh non-cynical outlook on things.
I won't miss the endless piles of washing!


  1. Definitely, washing is not a chore to be missed. I hope they weren't too choked to realize that you are kind of looking forward to life as an empty-nester.

  2. S- No, they were ok, I think they don't believe me!
    Thanks for your comment.